The Blue Whale

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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



Stars Above Defined Love



I stood on the balcony coughing,

I was up all night with a burning fever and an urgent question,

I looked up to the sky,

I called upon the stars to define love for me,

I felt their reply within my heart,

Love was two speckles of light navigating in the void,

that offered warmth and light in the world of darkness,

I thanked the stars and blew them a kiss,

then went back in and fell asleep.


I woke up retching and gagging,

I had to cancel the date with my crush in the last minute,

I went for a walk along the creek,

I asked the water below for definition of love,

I dipped my fingers in the cool water and felt her answer,

Love was fluid, calm and fast but constant force

that washed your past traumas and nurtured you,

I blew the water a kiss and thanked her,

I went along my search.


I stood before an old broad oak,

I inquired the ancient tree of the meaning of love,

I heard his reply in the breeze,

Love was rooted deep by foundation of trust, communication, and commitment,

Growing old but strong,

Overcoming droughts, fires, and hurricanes,

I thanked the tree and gave him a hug.


 I went up to my apartment with a headache,

I saw my crush by the door waiting,

She had a rental video and ingredients for chicken soup,

I felt her kiss on my lips and her tight hug,

She helped me lay down on the couch,

I fell asleep.


She woke me up to a hot plate of chicken soup,

She helped me to sit up,

Turned on my favorite movie,

My cough quieted down and I felt warm,

Her right arm wrapped around me tightly,

Her right hand massaged my scalp,

Her head pressed against mine,

She was my star from above.

Stranded in the City



My blue car,

I called a Blue Whale,

Needed maintenance,

I took the car to be fixed,

I was always there for my trusted whale,

Biggest mammal on the lands and the oceans.


With the car in the auto shop,

I was stranded in the city,

I was too far away to walk home,

The few people I knew had their own lives to run,

And could not keep me company that day,

I was branded a loner,

All alone in the city.


I was marooned in the metropolis,

I explored the shopping centers,

and roamed on the streets,

I admired the continual flow of traffic,

I marveled at all the technology around me,

I was part of this bustling city,

Yet I felt so detached from this world.


I was all abandoned in the city,

I contemplated and pondered,

Of how I was part of this civilization,

And yet I was separate from them,

I felt so diminished and small,

Just me in this humongous city,

Located inside gigantically gigantic universe.


I was stranded in the urban center,

Isolated in this infinite cosmos,

I was just a speckle,

 But seeing my blue whale repaired,

made me smile.


I started my blue car,

My giant whale,

And dove straight back home,

In my night dream I was a colossal whale,

Biggest on all the lands and in all the waters,

I swam in and out of galaxies.


Chase of My Dreams


My heart had three dreams,

A serenity, happiness, and love,

But my dreams rocketed away from me,

I could not let them slip away,

as they turned right aiming for the creek,

I jumped over a bench running after them,

I smashed through overgrown bushes.


The distance between us was grew,

my feet pounded the ground,

My heart beat raced,

I gasped for air,

I leaped over the creek,

for a split second I was flying.


I was chasing my three dreams of serenity, love, and happiness,

But they zoomed to the wooded area,
I rushed after them panting and gasping,

I could feel the glow of my three dreams fading,

I accelerated my speed,

I zigzagged around trees that were closely spaced,

I jumped over a log,

A large branch smacked my face,

I was rolling and tumbling downhill.


I screamed,

I twisted my ankle,

I heard a frog croak,

I could feel the warmth and glow of my dreams,

They were near me in the forms of three hovering yellow orbs,

I watched them suck in the water from the lake,

I reached my arm to feel the orbs.


I could see and touch my three dreams

The orbs suddenly entered my body,

My pain and exhaustion vanished,

I zoomed to the sky swirling,

Above the clouds and the world,

I was my three dreams,

Of serenity, love, and happiness.






A Week Without You



I was smashed and swallowed by the tsunami,

that was the agony of your absence,

You were going away on a week-long trip,

I was happy and excited for you,

We said our goodbyes on Friday.


Next week was my first time without you,

I arrived at our art college,

I didn’t see you in that hallway where we always met,

and your endearing hellos that always made me melt,

I didn't see you in our first class either,

where you always sat and sketched,

I suddenly felt alone and scared.


Two more days passed in utter agony,

as I became aware of your absence,

I missed hearing your voice,

I craved to hear you ask me about my lunch,

I missed seeing you buzzing around campus,

you were such a busy bee,

I was so alone.


Another day rolled by,

I didn't see you in that hallway,

Your seat next to me was still empty,

I missed the cute way you yawned,

and then smacked your lips,

I missed your face,

I didn't think I could bare another day without you.


A week without you was coming to an end,

I woke up crying,

I had no idea you meant this much to me,

and how you enriched my experience on the campus,

I felt so alone,

like a part of me was missing,

I sobbed that night.


A week without you,

An agonized experience had come to an end,

I met you on campus the next Monday,

With a bear hug and two cups of coffee,

My heart was whole again.


A lone Driver of Denver



I heard a rhythm of drums,

And a touch of a guitar,

The violins cried in the distance,

I'm was lone driver,

I roamed the streets of Denver,

For the last three hours,

I slithered through traffic like a snake.


I'm a lone driver,

I made a right turn, and then left,

I plowed forward,

I'm a driver without a destination, 

Nowhere to go, and nobody to go to,

All alone in Denver,

As if I had died ages ago,

And the world had moved on,

Leaving me in the dust.


I accelerated on Speer Street,

I passed dozens of drivers,

In my own trusted car,

My protection from outside world,

A love song on the radio,

Brought tears to my eyes,

It seemed that my existence was irrelevant to the rest of population,

And they were irrelevant to me.


The drums died down,

A guitar paused,

The violins gone silent,

I was a lone driver of Denver

I sped along the highway,

If only I could accelerate my life,

And reach my existence’s end quicker,

And get it done.


My foot pushed the pedal to the floor,

My car roared like a mighty beast,

I zoomed by other drivers,

Leaving them in my dust,

I rocketed towards the mountains,

Where I never felt alone.

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