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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Warrior Den

What happens when one holds another back? They get burned.

Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



My legs were sparked with the energy and courage I needed as I walked down my dusty driveway. I was done with all this shit. If I was going to be treated like an item, then they didn’t deserve what layed beyond my pale skin tone and ruby red locks. They didn’t deserve my brain, or beauty for that matter. I dumped my cherry red suitcase in the back of that red pickup. I had gotten a job offer in Florida as a makeup artist for some acting production. My Aunt Alma offered for me to stay at her place until I can get my own. She always was my favorite aunt. I had also had just legally changed my name, without my father knowing, so everything was going according to plan. Truth be told, anything could beat living in this hole with a drunken father, who can barely meet the rent at the end of every month, and an even shittier “boyfriend” who only wanted you for your curves. I took up showing my gruesome makeup designs online, and when you are good at what you do, you get noticed. Few minutes later, I finished putting everything in that cherry pickup. Everything I needed was there. Then it hit me just as I was about to open the truck door and into another life. I had forgot about Cassie, my lovable collie. I couldn’t leave her here to fend for herself and eventually starve. I ran inside before I could be noticed by anyone. I ran for that stupid bitch door for the last time.

“Cassie! Come here girl!” I whisper shouted. Black and white fur came bounding to me. When I got a break from her licking face, I attached her leash and went as quietly as I could to the door. I opened and shut it just as quite, leaving almost nothing disturbed. I ran to the truck, opened the passenger door told Cassie to jump in. She always was a smart dog, even for her young age of 2 years. Just as I closed the door, I heard the oh so familiar roaring of an angry father. I turn around to see his familiar face of straw hair and angry gray eyes. This can prove I didn’t get my looks from him. Mother’s side of the family was always prettier and smarter.

“WHAT THE BLAZES ARE YA DOING CELLY?!” he asked angrily. I always hated that nickname, Celly, and he knew it.

“Leaving,” I said. “Leaving you and your shithold! I found myself a life without you and I plan on living it!” He grabbed for my arm but I jumped back. Back into the arms of Chuck fucking Harrison, my EX-boyfriend.

“YOU AREN’T LEAVING WITHOUT ME YOU CRAZY BITCH!” Chuck screamed at me. He grabbed my arm, leading me back to the house. That stupid house that always had it’s stupid white fences and the stupid memories of horror.


“MOTHER IS DEAD!” I screamed back. Then, I did the only thing I could do. I cried. My gray, cloudy eyes scrub a well inside them, unleashing not only salty tears, but something much deeper in my soul. I screamed in agony, as the hand holding me there was a pain and the pain of having to go back to that recond house! I refuse to go back to the house that has given me horror for so long! Then, all of the sudden, I could feel a familiar warmth come over me. It felt like my mother’s embrace, only much, much warmer.  I heard an ouch behind me and the gasp of the only two people around. I look behind, opening my eyes to find Chuck blowing on his hand. I could see burns all over his palm, red and blistering, as if he touched hell fire itself. Then, I looked up. I see the house that haunted me for so long go up in flames and the only two people holding me back, backing away from what caused the fire, me. Before they can say anything more, I run to the other side of the truck and jump in. Not even bothering to put my seatbelt on, I slam on the gas and away from it all. Away from it all, finally I was free.


About 5 minutes later I finally put my seatbelt on. It was fine anyway to have it off sense no one would be on the same road as me for awhile. Wouldn’t be surprised to see tumbleweeds it’s so abandoned. I looked down at Cassie who, despite all that had happened, was nuzzled close to me. I looked up, glancing at myself in the mirror to see a difference in me. Not only in the relief on my face as I get farther and farther away from that terrible place, but my eyes no longer a cloudy gray, but a fiery amber. I smiled, no one could touch me now.  I was on my own road as not Celena Emma Falma, but as Aelin Emma Blaze. My road is my own, no one can choose my path but me.


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