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"A school trip"

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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



Our school had sort of a surprise for all of the students who made the honor roll. A day trip to a festival. The festival was in Sandusky Ohio. Which was about a two hour trip from the high school I went too mentor. Anyways approximately twenty five students made the honor roll and so we had two buses bring us to the festival. 

We arrived at the festival around 10:30 which would be math class for me if I was at school. Me and my girlfriend quickly ditched the field trip chaperones. We weren't supposed too but we did anyway. We hid in the fun house first and made out. We walked over and played several carnival games like "Whack a mole" I won my girlfriend a giant panda bear. She loved it. We continued walking around and got food. 

I got a hotdog and she got a fried banana it came right from the oven so it was very hot. She took one bite and spit it out, it hit a man in a trench coat and sunglasses. He had blonde hair and a deep voice. "Hey" he stared at us. We apologized to him. He started at us and said "Stupid kids." And walked off. We ignored him and continued walking around when we saw him again later this time he looked at us for a good minute and walked away. "I don't like him. Sarah said to me. "Me either" I replied. 

As we walked back towards our classmates. We decided for some reason to go off again but this time to the woods with Jeremy. He was our friend. Once we were in the woods Jeremy grabbed a cigarette and started to smoke. "Man this is lame." " would you rather be in class?" I asked. "No" he said. We heard twigs snap. I looked over it was the man again this time he had a knife in his hand and said to us "No one needs to get hurt hear. All I need is all the cash you have." Jeremy said no. I watched as the man approached us and said "I have no problem killing you." I reached into my pocket and grabbed my wallet and threw it on the ground. 

The man grabbed it and then looked at sarah. She gave the man her purse. Then he stared at Jeremy. We did as well. It took several seconds until Jeremy gave the man his wallet as well. The man said "if you tell anyone I robbed you I will kill you" with that he left. We left the woods and returned to the festival. The teacher ran up to us and said she was worried. Jeremy and I apologized and said we were in the bathroom. 

Sarah agreed. About twenty minutes later we got on the bus. On the way back to school we confessed about where we were and being robbed. The teacher called the police to report the crime. She told us we needed to talk to the head of school security as well. She told us the school just hired him. As soon as we got to school. We approached security and to our horror the man who robbed us was staring at us. "Can I help you?" He said to us. We nervously walked backwards. Our teacher then told him they were robbed and she called the police. "Oh really?" The man said. Can I please have a word with the kids alone?" "Yes" the teacher said and left. " you snitched." The man said. Jeremy took off running and we followed. 

The man started to chase us as well. We heard the police come and we ran to them. The man wasn't behind us. We told them about the man. The police told us to wait in the police car and thy would search. We got into the police car and the police walked into the school. We thought we were safe when we heard the car door open. "That was quick did you find him?" Sarah asked. As the car engine stared and we stared to drive off. The man didn't talk. Something was off. I looked outside as the two police officers were running. We looked up the man was driving the police car.

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