A set of Six-Shooters on His Hips

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Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



A set of Six-Shooters on His Hips

By Sylvester Murray


Into the town of Coffeyville rode a familiar face that day
Greeted by old friends and neighbors as he passed along the way,

Most of them knew what he’d come for, it was a dreadful trip
The angry young rancher wore a set of six-shooters on his hips

It was late in the evening when he rode into town
He rode in on a big stallion, his embittered eyes looking round
"He's a man with a vengeance'", cried out those who’d come to grips
"And he's here to do some killing with a set of six-shooters on his hips”

The man  he sought was an outlaw by the name of One-Eyed Sam
Many men had tried to outdraw him, now they lay buried in the ground
He was a ruthless  killer, who had murdered men for the thrill
And the notches on his gun totaled the graves up on boot-hill

The rider’s name was Colt Daniel, and he made his intentions clear
He was a rancher from Kansas, who wouldn’t  be spending too much time there

He was in town to face a villain, who’d spoke badly about his woman and son

And thought that he faster than any man alive with a gun


The rancher leaned back in the saddle

And once again he looked around
He wanted them all to know that he was gunning for One-Eyed Sam,

Word spread quickly like gossip around town
But the villain wasn’t worried, no man had ever lived,

who’d called out One-Eyed Sam

Other’s had come before him, they were all buried six foot underground
Now Boone McCoy would face his death, at the hand of One-Eyed Sam

Now the moment came quickly when it was time for them to meet
It was just before sunset when Boone called Sam out on the street
Most folks watched from their windows, to frighten to come outside,

Others feared for Boone McCoy’s death, they knew the young rancher

was about to draw his last breath

Now the street was dreadfully silent

They stood twenty-one feet apart, and ready to draw their guns,

And the legend of Boone McCoy’s fast-draw still lives on…
One-Eyed Sam had drawn his pistol, when the smoke from a bullet painfully ripped

And the rancher’s aim was lethal, with a set of six-shooters on his hips,

The townspeople were stunned as they all gathered round
Because on the ground before them lay the body of One-Eyed Sam
He might have lived another day, had not his ego let him slip
And he tried to outdraw the rancher with a set of six-shooters on his hips

© Copyright 2018 Sly Murray. All rights reserved.

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