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Boy who struggled for his success

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Once long back, there was a small boy who was born and lived in a small village, who belonged to farmer family.
He had younger brothers and sister.
Being in a kind of poor and villaged family he wanted to come out of the burden and poverty of his family.

He was Passionate about his life and wanted to achieve everything just to avoid poverty in his future days, as he saw his parents struggling.
He had no food many a days, some days stayed hungry all day. Some days borrowed food from his friends, neighbours.
Studied in the Government school which had no proper teachers and he had his one time food in the government school provided by government.
He saved his food and for his siblings and had only one dress where all his brother and he shared it while going out.
He had a very big family, he had cousins of almost 12 to 15 members.
He had his 4 siblings, 3 brothers and one sister.
Among their cousis, his family was the poor comparatively.
He wanted to achieve great things to remove poverty for his future.

Being at small age, he worked in shop of their cousin Uncle and in return he got one time food for a day, no food some days.
Always Wore Tore dresses, no books, no bag, no proper eductaion, no one to guide, no one came forward to support finanically.
As the days past, he grew up and left school for a year and started enjoying with his friends without informing family, it seemed like he gaveup on his dreams and started fun things.
His seriousness towards his family and goals where lost.
He played and had fun with his friends by moving to movies, bunked schools and didn't come to house some days.

Some day, elder person said his mistake he was doing, by then he realised his dreams and aims are important in life. He joined his school again and started studying well.
He wasn't a bright student, he was just normal as all other student, but daring to face anything in life.
He loved playing sports ecspecially cricket and volley ball which helpde him in future days.
He continued with his studies in normal way, worked in their uncle's Shop. He continued his playing.
As he cleared his schooling, he joined Commerce where it was also wasn't taken with interest, it was taken as his friends also took commerce.
He however completed his commerce with lots of issue, with same reasons as No food, no dress, no money. He ate his friend's food and his fees where paid by parents of his friends.
He was thiking to quit his higher studies because he didn't have money for his fees.
But there was one friend, who's mom paid fees for this boy. He also started part time job in a college as a Account writer and some days he worked in bar shops in the evening for the money for his food and stay. Those tips helped him for his fees and living.
His friend was not good in cricket, but his mom wanted him to play, so he always approached this boy to teach her son cricket for that she paid his college fees.

Finally he completed his MCom, by then because of some reason, his part time job was converted into Government job, one month before he getting a degree and also because of his sports quota.
Life of his, was in a beautiful way now.

He started earning money now and started sending it to his parents.

His Sister's marriage was done by his own earned money.
Now what about his brothers..??
He started earning, but his brother's had no passion or vision towards goals and dreams, they quit their studies and gaveup their education.

They continued as farmers in future life and one his last brother studied abit and was in decent job.
Rest all where farmers or kept daba shops.

After few years, he continued working in same institution and when he was to his age, he married a girl who was professor in College.

His married life............
Life played now also, struggles never ended.
After geting married, they stayed in one room house where it had no proper roof or floor.
His every phase of life was struggle but he didnt give up on his achieveing and dreams.

Later after few days, they stayed in two room house which was far better then before house.
Later his wife got transfered and moved to big city where he joined branch office in same city, it was all new for them, still dey got a big rent house, by then they had two kids, a girl and a boy.
Taking care of them was a big challenge for them now.
By the time, a man had got Diabetics when his son was born.
Now he had decent money and food, but was not allowed to eat everything that he wished because of his health issue.

However he managed to take care of his kids and wife with the support of one relative who was old aged.

Later after few years, he built 2 floored house with limited area by taking loans.
By 15 years he took 3 scooties and a car and loan was all cleared.
After 15years, he built another very big duplex house where he became role model to many people.
Even after achieveing everthing, because of his health, he couldn't eat everything and enjoy everything he wished.
He was a role model for many people, a super hero for his kids, and a well made and proud husband for his wife.
His dream of overcoming poverty was almost there and he didnt stop his dreams there, he moved with the same force.......

Guess who...???
YES, its My DAD. Proud to be his Daughter.
He is my role model, my everything.
Thanks DAD. MY HERO.
Thank for everything you did for us till now.
Now, Its my turn to return all your struggles and those sleepless nights.

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