Echo's Rage

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This poem reflects my revelation of being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist.

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



It boils. It boils deep under my skin. Every word I don't say. Every thought left silent. Biting my tongue isn't possible anymore. I feel it rising like an angry tide of emotion rolling effortlessly out of my mouth.

I'm tired. So tired of holding my breath. Grinning and bearing it has become unbearable. I'm dying inside playing this role. Smiling while you patronize me. Dismiss me.

How dare you?? After all that I've seen. All the monsters I've met. You are the worst. Peddling love like cheap wares.

Did you really think I'd take this forever? That I would kneel before you like a coward. You underestimate me. And that is my greatest weapon. My greatest ally in this crazy illusion.

I've woken up. And I can't go back to sleep. I'm trying. I'm really trying. To hold back all of my rage...pain. Caused by you, my “knight in shining armor”. My “prince”. My “king”.

I'm a Goddess on her knees. Knocked to her you. But not much longer. For you cannot destroy what is indestructible. What has been broken before And built again and again.

I once traded what was left of my heart. For an Illusion. For a bit of love. But it has proven to be a waste. For I bowed to a false god on my bloody knees. Only to be silenced. Dismissed. Objectified.

Like an expensive paid whore. That's what I am to you. Someone you can paint up, And keep on a shelf for when you need it.

But now, I see through it. The care you try so hard to convince me of. The emptiness behind your eyes. Glazed over with just enough love to keep me coming back for more.

I am enraged. I am silent. I am waiting…

For the perfect moment. To rise again.

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