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Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Can I look through your eyes?

Wrap my arms around your waist

Keep on telling me those lies

Get me further on this maze.


Wash your sins in the shower of my tears

Make me forget my fears

I will rise from the ashes of the fire you started

Now you stab what you once guarded


Listen to the melody

The orchestra, the symphony

The cries and the screams

I wish to die in my dreams


Pierce me with all your thorns

And pamper me with your petals

I love your halo and your horns

I adore your angels and your devils.


I have always been a rebel

I always bit the forbidden apple

Now the apple isn't red it's dolor

Because blue is the warmest color.


Don't be gentle look right through me

This is more than what you can see

Desires light up the skies.

Thoughts that before were chastised.


So just hold me tighter

Push me up against the wall

I know I am a fighter

And you are my methanol...

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