Eternally yours.

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Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Flames are swallowing me whole

Waves crashing me down

Tears burning me as they fall

The whole world spinning around


The sun no longer sets in the west

The oceans like deserts are dried

The whole universe buried in my chest

A galaxy for each time I cried

(The stars eating me up alive)


Now the voices melt in the air

All the thoughts crumble in the ground

Nothing but your eyes are left there

The greatest treasure ever found


Because you came from heaven above

 And you gave me your wings

You flew me high, high in love

And with everything that it brings


Lackluster enthusiasm fills me up inside

Whenever I dwell in dreams, oblivious of life

I ride down a stretch of deserted road at night

Finally with you, finally alive

I wake up disappointed, without you by my side

And I curse every god, every person, my whole life

And emotions flow like the blood in my veins

And they crash forcefully like the wind in the planes.


Again the voices melt in the air

The thoughts, once again crumble in the ground

Only your smile remains there

The most prized treasure I ever found


Yes you did come from heaven above

You came with your wings

Together we soared in love

The most important thing

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