Why don't they think I'm beautiful?

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Insecurities of a pretty teenage girl

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Is it just me or am I just not as pretty as I think I am?

It's such a narssasistic thing but I was raised with so many complements and people telling me that I was beautiful, a rare gem, that I should make every guy work hard to try and be with me but, I just.. dont know anymore?

I try to look better, to act better, to be more out there. But nothing really works. I'm still my shy, horribly postured self that just wants someone to tell me I'm beautiful and mean it.

I want to have that connection with someone where just looking at each other or a slight touch is the same as saying "wow, you're really mine. This beautiful little weirdo is My girlfriend."

It might just be me wanting attention or love or whatever but I feel lost and it comes out of me by wanting to be more beautiful. To look better. To be better. To stop hating myself for shit that doesn't really matter to anyone, just me.

So why was I shown that I Must make boys have a hard time to get to know me? Why do I build up walls with everyone no matter who they are? Why dont they think I'm beautiful?

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