Euterpe’s Release To The Winds

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Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.

Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018




Euterpe, Greek Mythology Muse who represented and was the patron of Music. She is said to have invented the flute and other wind instruments. Her symbol was the Aulos, a type of double flute. Her name was derived from the Greek words meaning the “giver of much delight.”

Euterpe, Greek Mythology, giver of much delight

The redeemer of lyrics played sweetly, felt without the eyes of sight

Delight of the Gods sought in my alluring music

Instruments played of me softens the mind of any cherubic

Blessed with beauty, my music shall soar us in flight

Hold me tight in this mad world with all your might

I shall play the passion of my seductive double flute

Love coveted, no other mortal woman to refute

Desire arises for an awakened touch

In the cathedral of death, as you pray for rest, I release you as much

Passion I shall carry on seducing as on Mt. Olympus

Merry dances in the light of passion as you come unto me as a gift given at Christmas

Heaven shall witness of its great embrace

Knots of rapture entwined as wool and lace

Thy kiss to awaken from succulent lips

Angels and Muses gives weary respite with the compassion of earthly reminisce

Take to thy heart Heaven’s glory to uplift, thy cometh much soon

Hark unto an Angels wings as I play at your feet the Heaven’s bassoon

Renewal in love of unsure longings to adore

Kissed by the Heaven, blessed by God as you crossed through Pearly Gate doors

Between Heaven and Earth, the essence of true love never disputes

It’s universal for me given unto you, commiserated unto thy fool

Never for the eyes to make earthly tearful pools

In the realm between such sweet death and life as it departs

Immoralities hang in the balance of life, the spiritual alliance preparing its divinity part

The beckoning of trumpets, horns

Archangel Gabriel, the messenger to relieve the burdens of the mental unadorned

God’s will to ordain its mentality of its reborn

Archangel Michael, ensues the relent of your will to battle on

The saxophone, I play instilling a soulful hymn echoing of its song

The Obo melody plays as resuscitating breaths lingers all night long

My clarinet plays sadly as eyes have now wept

Sundown, the soul has slept, the sun has now rose to set

Reversing the hands of times, as echoes have never met

Passion, desires, emotions lost, as never felt

Euterpe, the Greek Mythology Muse, Giver Of Much Delight

I set you free my love, on Earth as in Heaven, with the last breath you breathe, your noted last rites

No more obligatory unto thee

Reincarnated in time to soar as your wings are finally given, fly free

Euterpe, the Greek Mythology Muse of music, has signed with her blood, her Giver of Much Delight, creed

Asunder of memories has now beautifully fleed



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