The Lesser Miracles

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Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



The Lesser Miracles


We are a strange generation, trying to justify faith by reason.  Somewhere between science and God, scared to let go either.


He was staring at his God with an intent to pray, but lacked motivation. Life was moving smooth, no scares, no surprises, just the way he wanted. He was not expecting any "bolt from the blue" interventions from God. His was a perfectly normal life, so normal that it seemed too mundane to be a work of God. Kneeling in a church, staring at the Cross, he starting doubting again. Was it really God driving his life, or was it on autopilot? He couldn't’t recall any divine interventions in his life. The thoughts made him uneasy, he did not want to question God, even though he was not sure of His existence. Years of working in corporate had taught him show respect to authority, even if he was not sure if the respect was deserved. He preferred the status quo.

He decided to switch off his reasoning and get back to the tried and tested routine. "When in Rome be a Roman; When in church, pray", he said to himself. As he was not expecting a reply, there was no point in wasting time thinking what to pray. He decided to go with the vanilla flavor of prayers; The Our father. It was one of the few prayers he knew by heart.

He closed his eyes, and started reciting. Like always he gulped the “as we forgive those who sin against us” part of the prayer, hoping God wouldn't’t notice. A feeble pinch of conscience made him open his eyes sheepishly and look at the cross in front of him. As if the to confirm the person hanging on the cross hadn't’t resurrected yet. That was when it happened; maybe the first miracle he witnessed.

From the Cross descended a dove, wings wide open, noble and majestic, descending right towards him. He was catholic enough to know that the dove represented the holy spirit. He immediate reaction was to shut his eyes, hoping it would change everything he saw into a figment of his imagination.  He felt a strange sensation spreading from inside his head through his entire body. The sensation left him scared and confused. He was not sure if it was fear or the power of the Holy Spirit. After a few seconds he slowly opened his eyes. Everything seemed the same. The dove was nowhere to be seen. Was it the spirit of God? Did it go into him? It sure felt that way. Oh God! Why me? He asked; trying to make sense out of the miracle that he just witnessed.

What next? Did it change something within him? Was he chosen for a higher calling? Would he end up as one of those boring prayer people he always avoided? Was it only him, or did others in the church too feel the same? Lots of questions where hovering in his head.  He looked around, there were very few people in the church, and they were all boring dull faces, none of them seemed affected by a miracle. His hands and legs seemed normal, his touched his face, it felt the same. Looked like there was no external change at least. But Internally? He was not sure. “Why me?” He started thinking again. He had never taken God so seriously, why was God so serious about him.  Could he just ignore what he saw, and continue to live as before?  It reminded him of the story of Jonah.

Jonah’s story was not very encouraging though. The story of a man who tries not to follow the Will of God and fails miserably; ends thrown up into the middle of the ocean, is swallowed by a big fish and even after all that is forced to follow God’s Will, was not the kind of motivation he needed. Unsure of what to do next, he decided to pray again.

He starting reciting “Our Father” again. This time he gulped the “May Your will be done” part of it.  Didn't’t make much sense giving God the power of choosing how to run his life. Especially now, when God actually seemed to have some powers. He closed his eyes ones more; It helped to tone down the feeling of guilt he felt staring at the Cross; and concentrate. Once done he opened his eyes slowly, hoping there would be no more surprises. And behold the dove was there again

However, it did not seem so divine anymore. Holding a twig between its beaks, it looked very ordinary. Perched on one the chandeliers hanging in front of him, the poor bird seemed as lost he was. “All doves are not holy spirits in disguise, some are just ordinary doves with ordinary lives”, he realized. He started regaining his strength and confidence. Normalcy restored, he quickly made a sign of cross, and walked hastily out of the church before things changed again. Feeling silly about himself for having believed in what he saw.

Back in the church, the dove, a spirit of God, sat disappointed and confused. That was another failure for the day. He just couldn't’t understand humans.

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