"The house in the woods"

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Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



My friend sam and I thought it would be a good idea if we snuck out after dark one night while we were having a sleepover. There was an seemingly abandoned home in the woods we were going to sneak into. 

It wasn't a big house it was a one story house. We left at about 11 pm. My friend sam was scared of being in the woods at night but I assured her we were safe and if we ran into any problems I would protect her being the man I was. 

Anyway we got to the house and froze as a red light was on. We thought it was weird but I continued to approach the house. Sam asked if I was sure it was abandoned because the house looked occupied. I told her for as long as I've seen the house it had been abandoned so I was pretty sure it still was. I knocked on the door. It was locked. 

Sam peaked into the window she couldn't see anything. I started pounding against the door real hard eventually broke the door. We walked right in and froze as a group of about five people were all wearing masks and wearing robes stopped and looked right at us. They were around the table playing with a ouija board on they'retable and lit candles. There was also a crucifix on the ground. 

These people were doing a seance. We ran out as fast as we could and swore to never talk about what we saw or  go back into that house in the woods ever again.

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