Mus' Come Back

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Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Part One - Crossed The Line

I sit in my stark white office
there's no windows 
there's no fresh air
there's no life
I'm slowly being suffocated 
by working for a large corporation
when my heart is crying to be free of these shackles
and instead be doing what I love
I need to breathe & really live
and then my mind drifts to you
I've been observing you from a distance
I have no idea how we connected
nevertheless somehow we were brought together 
many questions asked
plenty stories shared
when I hear your voice 
my loins ache for your touch
it makes me feel kind of naughty
just the thought of being next to you
close enough to reach out 
to run my trembling fingers over your subtle brown skin
it takes my breath away
I catch myself gasping for air
as you circle around me 
I feel your eyes penetrate deep into my soul
I want you to whisk me away
cuz you've already undressed me with your eyes
you wine up behind me 
smother my neck & ear with soft baby kisses
your lips are wet, soft & eager
to discover every inch of my body
you firmly take my hand into yours and
lead me over to the waiting limousine 
you easily lift my suitcase into the trunk
my eyes are fixated on every movement 
of your tall chiseled frame 
you're so fk'n sexy, so tall & so confident
I want you to make love to me all night 
I snap back to reality as I open my eyes
and realize it was all just a dream &
I hadn't crossed the line

Part Two - All Along

bump ... 
bump ...
a round of applause echoes throughout the cabin
as my plane touches down at the ANR Airport
you can immediately begin to feel the warmth
that the Caribbean sun in Tobago gives off
as the plane taxis towards the T on the tarmac
the flight attendants open the exit door
each row of 4 leave their seats in front of me
my heart begins to pound
we've been waiting months for this moment
I make my way down the steps of the plane 
I follow the others across the tarmac
he's out there somewhere waiting for me
even though I can't see him yet
I can feel his eyes burning into my flesh
goosebumps are brought to life
as I enter the air-conditioned terminal 
to collect my suitcase
everyone is gathered around hoping their bag arrives first
I try to muster more patience
as my heart begins to race
I see the suitcase trolley coming 
my red bag stands out like a sore thumb
I grab my luggage & make my way to the door
as the sliding doors part, I take a deep breath
I close my eyes & whisper a quick prayer 
Lord, help my heart to be still
point me in the direction where he is waiting
we've never officially met
nonetheless, online lovers we've become 
as my eyes open, I see people everywhere
I feel as though he's intentionally hiding from me
while he takes in the moment from a safe distance
giggling & watching me squirm 
as I scan the crowd in search of his tall chiseled frame
I know he's out there somewhere in the crowd
then from behind me suddenly 
I feel a big warm hand slip into the small of my back
while he whispers ... "welcome home Mrs. Roberts"
he turns me around & gently pulls me into his arms
as we embrace for the very first time 
our quivering lips that have been searching for each other
meet for the very first time
our eyes both close simultaneously 
we're lost in this moment & we don't care
who is stopping to stare
if they only knew how long we had waited
or what we both have been through
they would be stopping to congratulate us
cuz we finally managed to find each other and
discover what we've both known 
all along

Part Three - Only The Memories

it's heart-wrenching & painful
I cannot tell you how much I fk'n miss
the messages & texts between us
cuz all I have left is only the memories
the excitement of our many firsts 
our mutual love of boats & being out on the sea
ideas of how we could generate business
so one day we could build a house together
the conversations we shared each day
leading up to our meeting 
from before the sun rose each day
until the wee hours of every night
we'd banter & chat about the future 
that only we could see & imagine
we'd talk about our feelings &
the love we felt for each other 
nevertheless, we never crossed the line
that first 96 hours
started when we officially met that afternoon 
that first hug & kiss
the one where time stood still
our taxi ride to the place
where we would become one
our fingers intertwined so tightly
holding onto each other for dear life
we both asked each other
would we be enough for the other?
I don't care what people say
I was willing to risk it all
to be a part of your life
our long chat by the waters edge
while we smoked a big fat joint together &
dibbled our feet in the Caribbean Sea
we talked about everything
openly & honestly
until the sun started to set
when the mosquitoes started to bite
we left the beach walking hand in hand
back to the love nest we called ours for a week
I don't believe love comes prepackaged 
with two people being just the right age
or of complimentary values & beliefs 
it happens when it happens 
I wanted you to be real & mine 
in spite of everything we were each going through
you always said the right words
even breaking down, begging & crying 
ultimately telling me how deeply you cared
the first time we went grocery shopping
up & down each one of the aisles
you made sure I knew about Mabel's Green Seasoning
even though I can make my own 
you helped me shop for all the groceries we needed 
you watched me begin to cook
before you left to go & get treats
for the long night ahead 
we spent each of those nights 
tangled in each other's arms
never wanting it to end
when we woke up each morning
it was the smell of Hazelnut Coffee 
before we went to the beach
still walking hand & hand
intermittent baby kisses throughout the day
this union; a divine intervention 
I look back now that I'm home & wonder 
was it the wrong time?
should we have waited?
I have but one regret: leaving early
I never wanted it to end
I wanted to go home
take care of business
work on us 
prepare to move forward 
as one together
I wonder, was it all just a dream?
I loved you 
I still love you
nevertheless, all I have left is only the memories

© Copyright 2018 Wild Roberts. All rights reserved.

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