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The story of the Malcolm family, and their very strange daughter Shannon.

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Brandon and Danielle Malcolm had always known their 10-year-old daughter Shannon was different. Shannon was deaf, to start with. She had been born that way. Not only that, but Shannon had the power to communicate with demons. She would do it on the regular, signing with them as she would sit in her bedroom or in the living room, or wherever in the Malcolm's house. This seemed normal at first, but then strange things began happening. At night, Brandon and Danielle, who weren't deaf, could hear furniture and things moving around, mostly from Shannon's room. One morning there were scratch marks all along the dining room floor, a chair having been dragged across the room. 

The moving furniture went on for months. Eventually, Danielle and Brandon would begin to have horrific nightmares, of a young blood covered girl in a dress crawling along the floor and up the walls. Their dreams would be exactly the same, every single night for the next three months. When Brandon and Danielle finally asked Shannon what was happening, she told them she had become friends with "George." She also said that George didn't like them much. 

One day, help of sorts came to the Malcolms. A short effeminate man named Robert in an outlandish outfit and big sunglasses came to them. Robert was a medium, and very essentric. Robert was quickly able to determine that George was an angry demon, no ordinary spirit. Robert also was terrified of Shannon, claiming there was something inhuman about her. Robert would bless the house and leave that afternoon. 

That night, Brandon noticed a large blood stain on the wall, painted there by Shannon, who'd sliced her forearm with a kitchen knife. Danielle and Brandon took care of Shannon, and when they asked her why she did it she signed "because George said to do it. If I don't do what he says, he'll hurt us." That evening, Brandon would see George standing over his and Danielle's bed, staring. 

The next day, Brandon would again consult Robert. Robert and Brandon came to the decision that the only way to forever do away with the inhuman, demonic part of Shannon was to burn her alive. They would do just that, burn Shannon alive. As they tied up the sleeping Shannon in her bed, she quickly opened her eyes and turned her head towards Brandon. "You'll be sorry, you can never get rid of me, I'll be back soon" she said aloud, her expression blank. Brandon and Robert burned the house down, killing Shannon. Brandon told Danielle that Robert had done it, and the police believed them. Robert was arrested, and the evidence that Brandon had left led to Robert going to jail for life for his "crime."

Two years after Shannon's death, Brandon and Danielle would come to find out that Danielle is pregnant again. This was extremely unexpected for them, to have another child so soon. Time would pass, and everything went normally for this pregnancy. Nothing strange was happening in their new home. Everything seemed fine. 

One evening, Brandon and Danielle lay in bed together. Brandon laid his head down on Danielle's large pregnant belly. As he did, he would hear a faint voice from inside her. After a few minutes of listening to it, the voice would say "I told you I'd be back." Disturbed by this, Brandon still kept on listening. The voice from within Danielle's belly then said "you'll never escape me."

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