Paisley's Big Move

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Bought a girl who moves and meets the love of her life

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Paisley Marie Glass was new in town; she was starting her senior year in high school. Paisley’s mother passed away at the age of thirty-eight due to breast cancer, so Paisley was living with her father, James. Paisley’s father was a psychiatrist and he travelled a lot; they had to move to the city they are in now, which is Salem, Massachusetts because Dr. Glass got promoted. Paisley felt it was stupid to have had to move schools for her senior year, but she also did not mind. She, like her father, loved to travel and explore new places. Paisley always had a hard time making new friends though because of her shy personality. She still had about a week before she started at her new school; her father was heading to the school now to get her enrolled. Paisley was unpacking her stuff in her room, but she got distracted by a bicycle bell. She went over to her window and looked outside to see who was riding their bicycle by her house. It was a boy. Paisley had experienced crushes before, but everytime she decided to tell a boy she liked them, they would either reject her or they would already be in a relationship and so Paisley had a hard time when it came to try and build up the courage to ask boys out.

After seeing that boy ride past, she went back to unpacking and making her bed. Her dad was still gone, so she decided to unpack his things for him; it was the least she could do. She finished unpacking her dad’s things and sat on the couch; her dad came inside a few minutes later with a big smile on his face. “Well Paise, you are all set. You are an official student of Hawkins High School.” her dad said. “That’s great dad, I can’t wait.” she replied. Her father, however, could tell she was nervous, “Paise, everything will be fine. You’ll make new friends and I know you will get good grades, you are a very smart girl.” her dad said, wanting her to relax. Paisley nodded and yawned, “Dad what are we going to eat? I’m starving.” she asked. “How does a nice warm pizza from Mario’s sound? With extra-?” he asked waiting for her to finish his question. “Cheese and sausage.” she smiled, finishing his sentence. Paisley’s dad nodded and called the pizza place and ordered their pizza. While they waited, Paisley went up to her room and started unpacking, she didn’t have many things to unpack. Paisley’s dad hollered for her to come down when the pizza arrived and they ate in peace. After dinner she helped clean up and then she got a shower before going outside to take a walk. It was still rather light out, Paisley started to walk across the street; after she looked both ways and didn’t see anything, she figured it was fine to walk across because it was clear. All of a sudden, though, Paisley was pushed out of the way and someone was on her. “Are you crazy!?” the guy on top of her asked. Once her vision came back, she recognized the boy that had earlier rode past on his bike. “No, I’m not crazy. I looked both ways- that car came out of nowhere, thank you.” she had said with a slight blush on her cheeks. The boy got up and extended his hand and Paisley took it and he helped her up. “I’m Ethan, Ethan Graves.” the boy said. “Paisley, Paisley Glass.” she replied and they shook hands.

After that day Paisley and Ethan were inseparable; they always hung out together. If it was in Paisley’s room however, the door stayed open at all times. They had been going to school now for about a month, Paisley met some other nice people, but nobody compared to Ethan. Paisley had began to develop feelings for Ethan, but she was too scared to tell anyone; the only person she told was her dad and he was very supportive about it and told her to take her time, but she had to tell him eventually or it would be too late. Ethan was a sweetheart, and any girl would claim him. Paisley waited for about three weeks and then she started to flirt with him more. Paisley and Ethan went to watch a scary movie on Friday the 13th, and Paisley was terrified. They arrived at the movie theater and he paid for the tickets and popcorn. They sat in the “date seats,” as people call them and they were really close to the speaker, Ethan put the middle arm rest up so Paisley and he could be closer. Paisley didn’t know it but Ethan felt the same way about her.

They watched this movie called “Insidious” and there were a lot of pop ups and everytime one would happen Paisley would jump and Ethan would just pull her closer. Paisley didn’t complain, she wasn’t that scared, but she enjoyed being close to him. Not all her fear was false but she was kind of faking some of it. Ethan drove her home that night; he stood out on the porch with her to make sure she got in safe. “Ethan?” Paisley asked. “Yes?” he replied. “Do you like anyone?” she asked nervously. “I do like someone; she’s beautiful, kind, caring and she has these icy blue eyes that I can never look away from.” he smiled. “Who is it?” she asked, feeling her heart shatter. “Her name is Paisley Marie Glass, she’s my best friend and I love her.” he said. Paisley blushed a deep shade of red. “Kiss me, Ethan Daniel Graves.” she said. Ethan leaned in and kissed her, sparks flew. “Will you be my girlfriend, Paisley?” he asked. Paisley was speechless, so she just nodded and they kissed again. Ethan left after Paisley got in safely with a huge grin on his face- he was so happy.

Ethan and Paisley have been dating now for 3 years, they finally moved in together after being together for 2 years. Ethan took Paisley out for their 3 year anniversary, they dined in the fanciest restaurant in town and Ethan was going to pop the question tonight; he had already got James’ blessing and he bought the ring earlier today while he was out. “Paisley?” he asked after their food arrived. “Yes Ethan?” she asked. “I have something very important to ask you.” Paisley was starting to get nervous. “What is it babe?” she asked. Ethan got down on one knee and Paisley gasped. “Paisley, I love you so much. We’ve been together for 3 years now and they have been the best years of my life. Will you marry me?” he asked. Paisley teared up and smiled happily, shaking her head yes. Ethan smiled and slid the engagement ring on for her and they shared a loving kiss.

Paisley Glass and Ethan Graves got married on October 31st, 2017. A year after they had been married, Paisley Graves found out she was pregnant with twins, two boys. She named them Adam Michael Graves and Aiden Mitchell Graves. The only thing that Adam and Aiden didn’t have in common was the same eye color: Aiden had brown and Adam had blue, like his mother. Ethan and Paisley were the happiest couple ever,,they had a family now. Maybe soon, Paisley could talk her husband into getting a dog.

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