Three Times On

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This is a based on my life, and what I've been through with a guy, and this happened in about 1 1/2 to 2 years, maybe 2 1/2. Mind you this is mainly happened in the school years. And all the names
in here are not there real ones. The chapters are kinda short but once it all comes together I hope it's good

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



Three Times On

~A Novella~

By: Ast

Chapter 1

How We Met

It was after my first day of school, at a new school. I only really knew one person in my class, and I already liked someone. His name was Isaac, he caught my attention after our assembly on the first day of school, second period when we sat right across from each other in the classroom. His hair was short and very curly, I personally loved his hair. He was wearing long khaki pants with a grey sporty shirt on. He had a very thin figure, his shirt fit him just right. I didn’t really pay attention in class that day, in any of my classes, I was either staring at him or I was doodling, or both.

After a few weeks of school he was in the back of my mind, mostly. Isaac was rude to me and my friend. Like making fun of her laugh, well that was the main thing. We had a group project in class and I was hoping to pick Kinsey, my best friend, well only friend. Our teacher had another plan in mind he picked up a cup with pieces of paper, one for everyone in my class. He drew two names at a time, after a few moment of picking names I heard Kinsey’s name pick and she was placed with another girl in our class, it was just me and a few other boys that haven’t picked. In the back of my mind I was hoping to get Isaac, but I highly doubted it, luck wasn’t in my favor today. Than I heard my name and crossed my fingers, hoping for the best.

“Lexi and Isaac, your partners.” Said the teacher.

I was super happy as I saw him make his way over to sit next to me as we started on the project straight away. Towards the end of class we exchanged phone numbers, that where it all started.

Months later around Christmas time we were about to go on Christmas Break, he had drifted to the back of my mind again. I still had his number and he had mine, I think. Another girl in my class, Addi, had some of our classes phone numbers and decided, for whatever reason, to make a group chat with all of us in it. At first we were all just figuring out who was who. After that we didn’t really talk on it, I actually had deleted the conversation. Sometime during Christmas Break, Isaac decided to text to the group chat, saying Ham. He kept saying that over and over again. Everyone in that group chat was awfully mad or super annoyed. We all tried to stop him, but nothing worked.


It was night of that same day, around 9 or 10, and we all said Goodnight on the group chat, and for some reason still unknown to me, I texted him Goodnight and we came into a conversation. It was like we were old friends catching up. It was so easy to talk to him.Around 12 from talking since like 10:15, I was super tired I’ve never stayed up that late before and I said Goodnight again and I meant it that time. That was only the beginning of our late night talks.


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