Those Awful Waves.

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There are times when one has to stay on the shore, and not venture out to sea.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



Darkness fell, the sun had gone to sleep, the sea churned like milk boiling over. Wallace and I had decided to go fishing like we always used to do. This day, he left it a bit too late, and I didn't push off with him, he went alone. It was now nearing 21:00 hrs and still there was no sign of him. The rescue team was told about it but there was nothing they could do. The sea was really rough. Waves were very high and rushing to the shore. I was there and cursing Wallace. He could have gone out another day. Most of the fishermen had stayed away. You only had to look along the bay, by the trees, and see many boats tied up. There was nothing more I could do but wait.
I stayed up all night, looking out at sea, but there was no Wallace. The waves had died down, and in the early morning the sea was calm. Walking along the shore I try to see if I could find any remains of the boat for it was totally impossible for any boat to survive those waves. They weren't ordinary waves, they were tall, curving over and rough. I spotted something, it was a piece of a boat, then I saw other pieces, and I came to the conclusion that Wallace' boat was smashed to pieces. What about him?Was he still alive?
About 100 metres on, I came to a rock face with a couple of trees stretching over the sea. I looked up at one of them, and couldn't believe my eyes. Wallace was there, safe as ever. I said to him, ''Man, we gave you up as being dead, the sea being your grave.''
He said to me, ''That would have been so, if these trees wern't there. They save me, thank God.'' 
I saw something hanging beside him, it was a small net filled with fishes. I said, ''Wallace, man, you're a joker. At least you've got something to eat.''
He passed down the small net to me. We started making our way back along the shore. 

Outside my hut I had a fire going and fishes were on it and roasting. I said to Wallace, ''It's time for you to look for someone and settle down. You know, I was the only one up all evening looking out for you.''
Wallace said, ''My eyes are on that one who works in the shop by the bakery, but I'm not the type to just go and approach her.''
''Thake dome fish for her. I'm sure she'd like that.''
Wallace went, later on in the day, and came back with a big smile on his face. ''She's willing to go with me.''
''Oh! No, did you ask her to go out fishing with you?''
He said, '' Yes, she's good at catching fishes.''

The End.

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