Gas Station Girl

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Shy lesbian enters gas station and is smitten with the pretty girl that works there.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



I pull into the gas station at 4:00 A.M. I get out the black card for food, and the blue card for gas.

Okay. Milk, paper towels, money order, phone charger. Milk paper towels, money order, phone charger.

I walk in and haul a gallon of milk out of the bottom of the refrigerated section. It's heavy.

Maybe I can just put this over... I walk up to the empty counter and place the milk down on it.

"I'm just gonna leave this here, I've got more stuff," I say to the thin, red-headed girl behind the counter, who's turned away from me, stocking the cigarette shelves.

"Sure," she says, turning her head towards me, and giving me a smile. Her blue eyes sparkle. Red lipstick frames her bright teeth and smile lines accent the eyes. Her pale skin, with a smattering of freckles across her cheeks, seems so delicate, almost translucent. But her eyes and her smile are young and vivacious and alive. She turns back to stock the cigarette shelves.

I walk away, and grab the paper towels.

Milk, paper towels...

Milk paper towels, money order...

What was that other thing?

I give up, walk back to the counter. The girl turns back around, and sees the paper towels.

"Ah," she says, nodding. "Is that all for you?"

"Um... yeah," I say. "There was more, but...I need to start making a list..."

She looks down, smiling and nodding. She relates.

A song comes on the speaker as she rings up my two items.

"Oh! I also need a money order!" I add. "For $300."

"Sure," she says, her clear blue eyes glancing up at me. From here, I notice the black mascara and the silver eyeshadow.

I frown and look up at the ceiling. "Is this 'The Sound of Silence'?" I say, baffled. The poetic lyrics blend with harsh electric guitar riffs.

The red-headed girl looks up from bagging my items and her eyes light up.

"It is! Disturbed remade it," she laughs and looks at me. "I actually like their version better than the original," she opines.

"That's interesting," I say, listening. "Yeah, they do it pretty decently."

She rings up my money order and starts printing it Her phone chimes. I watch her as she picks it up off another counter and checks it while the money order is printing.

"It's my husband," she states, smiling. She looks up at me. "He works down street at Valero, overnight too."

"," I exclaim, like it's the most interesting thing I've heard all day. I just want to keep talking to her, I don't care about what.

She smiles, texting back.

"We've done this for years. We've got it down," she says.

"I bet it helps a lot, because y'all sleep at the same time," I offer.

"Exactly!" she says, looking at me as if I am the only one who has ever figured this out, and, for a moment, we catch each other's eyes.

"Here's your money order," she says and hands it over.

"Thanks!" I say. "Now I'm going to go download The Sound of Silence, by Disturbed," I joke.

She laughs. It's beautiful.

"See you next time," she says, going back to stocking the shelves.

"Yeah. I'll see you," I answer. I've never seen her before, and I'm never going to see her again.

Every employee says "see you next time," to every customer, every time they leave. Literally. It's policy.

Doesn't matter. Makes my heart race.

I get out to the car, smiling, and I get in.

I realize that I forgot the phone charger. And the gas.

I think about going back in, but that was the perfect ending to the perfect conversation. Anything more will be awkward. I don't go back.

It's not my fault this time, I think, backing out of the parking space. It was the pretty girl. The pretty girl got me. And they'll always get me.

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