Tales From the Forgotten Lands

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Prolouge

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



Magic, it’s been about since the dawn of time, lying in wait to be harnessed. You couldn’t ‘discover’ it as such, this is because it flows through everything; from the water of the rivers to the grass of the field and even the clouds in the sky. However, no creature had been able to harness this immense power, well, that was until humans came along. Granted it took them a few thousand years to utilise it, but once they did, it was used for everything. Magic was worshipped, respected it was held in the highest esteem but also fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the power. However, as with most things, as time went on, the respect and fear of magic dwindled, until it became just another part of life, like eating or drinking. It was not treated as something special and many no longer practised in it thus, many lost the ability to be able to perform magic, those who could use it mainly used it to help with the odd chore here and there. People forgot how powerful magic was and how beautiful it was. Fortunately, there were still some who knew the true power of magic. There were mainly two types of magic users, the Wanderers, people who practised and learned magic to help them through life, these people tended to stay by themselves or in small communities. Or there were people who lived solely to teach others of the ancient forms of magic as a hope for it to live on, they were called Holders of Knowledge or Wise Ones. They tended to be the children or grandchildren some of the first users of magic who had managed to prolong their life. Due to their close ties to the original discoverers of magic, The Holders of Knowledge still held that great fear and respect for magic.

Unlike how it may seem, not all was peaceful, there were people who abused magic, who used it to try and have complete control. This may seem quite cliché, but it is true when there is something of immense power you will always find people who want to use it for their own gain. These people tend to be opportunistic, finding a weakness and exploiting it, growing their power in hopes of complete control. Fortunately for the people of this world, one such individual had not appeared for many, many years (with the help of the Holders of Knowledge), so most people had forgotten how dangerous magic can be in the wrong hands. This also meant that defence systems were no longer in place, as it was deemed unnecessary in those peaceful times and the guards and knights were undertrained for battle. So, as you may have realised this was a major weakness, just waiting to be exploited and Keane was the one to do this.  Here’s the tale of his uprising and ultimately his downfall.

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