Weeping Willow

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Poem about a little girl who has been through too much at a young age. Tear jerker alert!

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



Little girl so very young,

Why do you cry,

Why does your mouth bleed from biting your tongue?

Your tears are like crystal running down your cheeks,

Nothing gets better, not in days and not in weeks.

You've got a mom and dad with a fist of fire,

No matter what you say, you're always the liar.

Holed up in an empty room, Your underfed and beaten with the broom.

It's so cold this winter, Willow,

You've got no heat, no blanket, no pillow.

It's so cold, Willow,

Do you have a match, or can you escape through the window?

No, it's too small,

And any sound you make they'll hear down the hall.

Cant go to school, cant go anywhere at all.

Willow dear, you're frozen through!

Your breath barely puffs in the air!

Willow dear, please wake up!

Dont close your eyes, you must stay tough!

His face is shadowed by the devil when he come to your room.

His hands on you hurt,

but Willow,

It'll be all over soon.

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