Something contaigous

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Tales from beyond the shadows.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



Maria moved quickly along the darkened street, she pulled her headscarf forward to hide her face. When she got to the doorway of the peculiar old shop, she glanced furtively up and down the seemingly deserted street. He heart pounded in her chest and her mouth felt as if it were filled with cotton wool. She was not sure if this whole thing was fool hardy, or was she afraid that the stories her grandmother had told her were true. Neither herself nor her mother before her had ever set foot on the Caribbean island, yet the stories of the old religion were implanted deep in her mind. Well something had to be done she could no longer exist in this shell of a marriage, taking a deep breath she pushed open the door and stepped into the gloomy interior of the shop.

The old lady led her to a room in the back, the place smelled of herbs and other unfamiliar aromas. She was at her wits end putting up with her husband's abusive behavior, when he did come home at night he smelled of alcohol, tobacco and whores. “I just want him to be a good and faithful husband, perhaps a spell to make him catch something from those women that will stop him."  Her voice sounded small and scratchy and the woman with the impossibly dark eyes stared, as if into her soul before putting her hand out. Maria gave her the envelope containing the money, a small tuft of hair from his brush and the nail clippings she had collected from the bathroom floor. Maria watched the woman as she prayed silently over the burning contents of the earthen bowl, in the end it took less than twenty minutes and she was on her way home.

 Frankie slammed the front door muting the sound of Maria's whining voice, without a backward glance he headed for the club. Later he followed the sultry woman up the darkened staircase and into the small untidy room. He watched her undress without a thought for Maria; she was a hot one he thought, the fire in her eyes promised a night of rare passion. He was just reaching climax when the bitch bit him, the pain ruining his finale. He slapped her hard in the side of the head, but the crazy bitch just laughed at him. Over the next few days the changes crept subtly up on him, he could not appease his hunger. He now preferred raw meat and had taken to eating the bloody meat straight from the fridge. Maria began to appeal to him again in fact whenever he watched her, his mouth watered but she remained sulky and distant.

The woman's screams echoed in the alleyway, he could not help himself as he tore lumps of flesh from her with his teeth. He was impossibly ravenous, she screamed even louder as he took a particularly taste morsel. So loud in fact that he did not hear the cops shouting at him, in the end the hail of bullets made everything go quiet. The cops looked on at the carnage in stunned silence, years on the job between them and they had never seen anything like this. The sound of gunfire had faded now, and the only sound was the soft whimpering of the injured woman. The two cops looked on mutely as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Whatever had gotten into the man, had made him act like a rabid animal. Who knows what kind of virus he may have picked up? Finally the older cop spoke softly, as he nudged the bullet riddle body with his toe cap. "That will stop him from going near anymore women” he muttered.

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