Some one Stole the sherry

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To all you tipplers out there!

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



Someone stole the sherry




Someone stole the sherry not sure where its gone

I’ve only had a small one to help the day along

I need a little snifter to give my life some zest

When I put it down last evening there was half a bottle left


The thief’s a cunning blighter I never hear a bleep

Think he keeps his eye on me and strikes when I’m asleep

I’ll foil his crafty tippling be careful where you tread

The bottle won’t be here tonight; I’ve taken it to bed


Imagine my surprise next morn bleary eyes and pain

I marked the bottle clearly, but the bugger’s struck again.

I like a breakfast pick me up so sherry hits the spot

But I only had a small one; this thieving's got to stop


So I bought another bottle to comfort my depression

And I’ve had a rather large one to teach the thief a lesson

He won’t see much of this one, but I’ll tell him what he’s missed

If I have another sherry I’ll be well and truly pissed


© Copyright 2018 Peter Piper. All rights reserved.

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