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Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018





delving into a new field

breaking the seal

to find new hope and possibilities

establishing our philosophies

and everything we stand for

to change direction for wanting more

out of our experiences and state of being

it's a freeing feeling,

giving our story a new title

a break from the vicious cycle

the Hell we are in, signs barely vital

selling ourselves to media and corporations

making the alterations

necessary for revival

it's more than a way of survival,

no longer homicidal

no longer in denial

nor chasing an unattainable goal

drowned in mortgage repayments, further debt,

struggling with a wage barely higher than the dole

it takes a toll

with an empty, miserable life

being the ultimate price

the lows outweighing the highs

when all we can do is sit back and absorb the elite's manipulation and lies

it's time to devise a plan

so that one day the headlines will outline the day the citizens overran

those in control

abolished were the excessive taxes and tolls

new roles established

as the old system vanquished, simply vanished

the rich held accountable and forced to give to those with little

a task once seemingly insurmountable yet a revolution so simple

what a great time to take a stand

with ideas so bold, so grand

if only we had an actual fucking plan....





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