I Am the Wind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

All we know and love was made by a simple force. The air, the wind. The very substance around us that we never consider.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



I am everything.

I am what keeps life going.

I am what stabilizes the balance.

I am what lets hearts beat.

Brains think.

Bodies move.

Blood to spill.

Guts to splatter.

Tears to drop.


I am the gates that open.

Open to conflict.

Open to hate.

Open to violence.

Open to disagreement and grudges.

However I am also the gates to another side.

Side of love.

Side of compassion.

Side of never forgetting.

Side of ever thinking.

Side of companionship and desires.

Side to friendship and kinsmenship.

I am the gates to all sides.


I am free.

I am able to go anywhere.

I don’t have restrictions.

The world is my canvas,

And I paint it with life.

I do not have pressures.
I do not have worries.
I do not have angst and anxiety.

I do not have love or hate.

I do not have deadlines and expectations.

I only have what I am,

And where I can go.

I can go anywhere.


I am neither bias nor prejudice.

I have no thoughts,

And I have no opinions.

I am simply,

What I am.

I exist to do my job,

And nothing more.

I have never wanted more or less.

It is not my job.

My only job,

Is to give life.


Through the life I give, the things I cannot do myself are possible.

Life does things I never will.

Life will build a world,

That I started,

But could never finish.

All the things I couldn’t have done,

Are now possible with the life,

I create.


I do this not for power,

Not for arrogance or tyranny.

But because it is what I do.

It is what I exist to do.

I know not where my existence came from.  

That is for life to decide.

It may decide many things,

The accuracy of which is to be determined.


I am the beginning of a long story.

A story about anything and all time.

In the minds of the life I make.

I never asked to have such stories created.

I only asked to create that which would produce them.

That is what I am.

Everything around you.

All that makes this life possible.

I am the oxygen.


Whether you hate or love me.

I am here.

For as long as this planet is stable,

I am here.

I am the air,

I am the Wind.


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