Biography SFC Bruce Charles Batman USA Ret.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Biography of a fine NCO and the dozens of people who admired him.

Bruce Charles Batman/Bruce C. Batman/Bruce Batman 485-46-1596

14 September 1942 Ames, Story County, Iowa - 26 June 2007 Interlachen, Pynma County, Florida

Ames High School (1921 Ames High Drive, Ames, Iowa 50010) graduate, class of 1960.

Army schools: Defense Language Institute West Coast (DLIWC), Fort Devens, Goodfellow AFB.

Teufelsberg (USM-4) Operations Training Branch (OTB) NCOIC, U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin (USASAFSB) 1976 time frame.

Magnificent instructor, designer of training programs, leader, and friend to all.

Where he lived:
200 Maltas Avenue, Interlachen, Florida 32148
144 Rhonda Avenue, Interlachen, Florida 32148
951 Turner Road, apartment 1323, Grapevine, Texas 76051
2909 Hayes Road, apartment 509, Houston, Texas 77082
U.S. Field Station Berlin, APO AE 09742
Petaluma, California
1214 Duff Avenue, Ames, Iowa 50010


Raymond Oliver Abbott/Raymond O. Abbott/Raymond Abbott/Ray Abbott (1947-) “Rabbit”, Married Pamela J. Abbott née Pamela J. Solley.  They settled in Pasadena, Maryland after a tour at Fort George G. Meade/NSA.

Patricia Ames/Pat Ames SSG at the time; wanted to go to Warrant Officer School.

Raymond Anderson/Ray Anderson Originally from Washington, DC.

Anthony Antonello/Tony Antonello SFC; a platoon sergeant.

John A. Applewhite/John Applewhite Originally from North Carolina

Randall Baker/Randy Baker Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. By no means a fan of the author.

William H. Banks/William Banks/Bill Banks CO of A Co. late 1975.

Jeri L. Barnitz/Jeri Barnitz/Jeri L. Condra/Jeri Condra (1955-) Originally from Upper Arlington, Ohio; brother of LCPL Douglas Wanner Barnitz/Douglas W. Barnitz (1949-1969) MOS 2531-Field Radio Operator 3rd PLT, D Co., 3rd RECON BN, 3rd MARDIV, III MAF KIA Qu?ng Tr? 4 June 1969.  Jeri married Randall Alan Condra/Ranfall A. Condra/Randall Condra.

Steven R. Bernards/Steven Bernards/Steve Bernards Originally from Utah.  He was a SSG and NCOIC of in Subsystem Delta when his stature rose as Sciore’s nemesis.

Stephen P. Blackburn/Stephen Blackburn/Steve Blackburn Originally from Texas.

Douglas Blankenship/Doug Blankenship

Donald E. Brown/Donald Brown/Don Brown XO Co. A

Elaine Brown Originally from Titusville, Florida

Thomas D. Bullington/Thomas Bullington/Tom Bullington Originally from Tennessee

Edward C. Burkhardt/Edward Burkhardt/Ed Burkhardt Originally from Ohio

John W. Case/John Case Originally from Missouri. A great runner who came in fourth in the Spandau Marathon of May 1976.

Dale B. Chancey/Dale Chancey (1951-) Originally from Ohio

Michael Chartrand/Mike Chartrand “Char Baby” Originally from Watertown NY. A displaced Canuck: fell in the St. Lawrence River one day, floated around for months, never found his way back home.

Debra M. Currier/Debra Currier/Debbie Currier/Deb Currier Originally from Maryland
Michael Dailey/Mike Dailey "Bud" Originally from Texas. Librarian and bookworm.

Michael T. Davis/Michael Davis/Mike Davis

Rick Estberg (c. 1951-) Graduated from Ripon College, Wisconsin in 1975, spent 7 years total in Berlin, and you can read about his status as a talking head in Alumnus Rick Estberg ’75, a National Security Agency employee, will speak Oct. 2 “Posted October 1, 2015 in Alumni, Center for Politics and the People, Special Event by Jaye Alderson.” He’s a petite scène actor, genealogist and occasional toastmaster.

Edward C. Fassett, Jr./Edward Fassett/Ed Fassett (1952-) Originally from New York. He’s a lawyer in Duanesburg.

Stuart Lee Fehr/Stuart L. Fehr/Stuart Fehr/Stu Fehr (1952-) Originally from Illinois.  1972-1975 Basic and Intermediate Russian at Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California; 1975-1981 B.A. in Foreign Languages from University of Maryland, European Division; 1982-1986 Russian and German translator and analyst US Army, Germany; 1986-1990 Russian translator of newspaper ‘Pravd’ for Associated Publishers, Inc. Huntington, Tennessee; 1990-1998 German translator and Liaison Officer for US Army, Germany.  Address 301 Carlisle Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61821-6439.

Close friend of Jack K. Holman.

John Fowler Wife Gina Fowler(we remember her as an exceptionally lovely lady) Instructor subord to Batman above; great teacher (see Patty’s encomium below)

Rebel M. Frick/Rebel Frick Oklahoma. You don’t forget a name like that.

Donald E. Fulghum/Donald Fulghum/Don Fulghum

David A. Fulton/David Fulton/Dave Fulton Originally from Washington.

Russell D. Ganong/Russell Ganong/Russ Ganong (1936-2002) MSG 511-32-8558
From THE HALLMARK April 1972:
Ft. Devens — Master Sergeant Russell D. Ganong, presently assigned to the 509th Radio Research Group*, Viet-Nam, recently received honors as the Distinguished Graduate, Senior Non- commissioned Officer’s Course at the USASATC&S, Ft. Devens. MSG Ganong was also the class leader.
MSG Ganong receives his diploma and congratulations from Colonel Robert W. Lewis**, Deputy Commander, USA- SATC&S.
*Replaced the 3rd Radio Rsearch Unit (RRU); commanded three battalions and company-size direct support units assigned to all Army divisions. One subordinate battalion was the 224th Aviation Battalion (Radio Research), which pioneered in the introduction of Special Electronic Mission Aircraft (SEMA) to the battlefield. At the height of the war, the 509th Radio Research Group commanded some 6,000 ASA personnel in-country. Meanwhile, the agency itself had greatly expanded, reaching a strength of 30,000 and attaining the status of a major Army field command in 1964.
**1923-1998; made Colonel before he retired. Buried in Fort Devens Cemetery, 35 Patton Road, Devens, Massachusetts, 01434.
Loved ones: Alexandria N. Ganong (1999-), Elizabeth L. Ganong aka Betty J. Ganong, Fredric R. Ganong aka Fredrick R. Ganong (1969-), Karen E. Ganong (1940-), Melissa Ella Ganong (1972-)

Dr. Barry D. Glasser/Barry Glasser M.D. (1953-) He made Wild Bill laugh and smile, chortle and titter; God bless him!  He is now an internist practicing from 4248 Harbour Beach Boulevard, Brigantine, New Jersey 08203, John Brooks Recovery Center, 660 Blackhorse Pike, Pleasantville, New Jersey 08232 and formerly from Shore Medical Center, 100 Medical Center Way, Somers Point, New Jersey 08244.  Barry “received his Medical Degree from the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, . 880 S.W. 145th Avenue, Suite 202, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland. Dr. Glasser served in the Army from 1973-1977. He is also Board Certified in Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and Pain Management. Dr. Glasser has been the Medical Director for JBRC since 2006. He is also a co-owner and operator of Medical One in Brigantine, New Jersey since 1984.  Dr. Glasser loves all forms of exercise, he has instructed Spin classes at various gyms, is especially fond of kayaking and can wiggle each ear separately. Dr. Glasser is married and has 3 children.”

Reva Ann Grantham/Reva A. Grantham/Reva Grantham née Reva Ann Shank (1952-) Originally from Brookville, Indiana. Tread ? retread = lifer.

Elder R.C. Green/Elder Green 1SG Co. A; preceded Russell D. Ganong.

William E. Green/William Green/Bill Green Originally from Illinois

Jerry Chester Haggin/Jerry C. Haggin/Jerry Haggin (1952-) Originally from Sioux City, Iowa. If you need a fine soloist or an accomplished choir member, call Jerry.

James P. Hall/James Hall/Jim Hall SFC; a platoon sergeant.

Scott Henry "Sergeant Snorkel"

Philip Drake Hershey/Philip D. Hershey/Philip Hershey/Phil Hershey (1950-) Ran Subsystem E. Lifer. Lead, Network Administration at AGIA, Carpinteria, California where he lives.

Edward W. Hill/Edward Hill/Ed Hill Captain in charge of S2.

James Hill/Jim Hill. SFC.

Ronald E. Hintz/Ronald Hintz/Ron Hintz SSG A&R NCO.

Jack Kerry Holman/Jack K. Holman/Jack Holman (1952-) “Smilin’ Jack” Originally from California. Superb French, German, and Russian linguist whose finest moment came as then SFC Jack K. Kolman was Russian and DLI team leader for translating important source documents noted in International Cold War Military Records and History Proceedings of the International Conference on Cold War Military Records and History Held in Washington, D.C. 21-26 March 1994 Sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the United States Army Center of Military History edited by William W. Epley Office of the Secretary of Defense 1996 CMH Pub 70-49, 21-26 March 1994, Crystal City Doubletree Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22202.

Sandra Lee Holman/Sandra L. Holman/Sandra Holman née Sandra Lee Leistner (1946-) Originally from Pennsylvania. Children Ian Christopher Holman (1980-), Patrick A. Holman.

William Howe/Bill Howe Originally from Texas

Robert L. Hutchison/Robert Hutchison/Bob Hutchison Originally from New York

Joan C. Introne/Joan Introne 1LT at the time. Ran collection at Teufelsberg. In May 1982 she was one of eight authors of R&D Plans for Army Applications of AI/Robotics SRI Report Number ETL-0296 DTIC Ad-A118277 and Natural Language Processor as a Universal Front End to Expert [incomplete] DTIC ADA138455.

Louis Jobe/Lou Jobe “Done that!”

Ruth Jones “Ruthie Rottencrotch”

Jay A. Kalbrener/Jay Kalbrener/J. Kalbrener (1952-) Retired as a CSM with 23 years in. Recent photos show he can still fit into his uniform! His wife, Leisa Shannon Corbett, is an accomplished artist

Nancy Jean Kalbrener/Nancy J. Kalbrener/Nancy Kalbrener now Nancy Jean Boyle/Nancy J. Boyle/Nancy Boyle née Nancy Jean Klewicki/Nancy J. Klewicki/Nancy Klewicki (1953-) Originally from Williamston, Michigan. With husband Michael R. Boyle/Michael Boyle/Mike Boyle and Becket the dog runs the Maple Leaf Inn, a B&B in Barnard, Vermont 05031 on 16 acres. In 2014 she played Officer Welch in Marvin Neil Simon’s (1927-2018) Rumors (1988) at the BarnArts Center for the Arts.

APK (1951-) “The Hero of the Fulda Gap” “Morale NCO”, “Rastus”, “Whippin’ Boy”. “Famous for “How’s your morale, troop?” Nomesayin?

Bruce Eric Kipp/Bruce E. Kipp/Bruce Kipp Three tours of duty (1972-1974, 1975-1977, and 1980-1983)! Author of Reichpaper: A Guide to Civil & Paramilitary Identification & Membership Document of the Third Reich (Mackerin Marketing Associates Inc., 1995). Married Maryann Kipp née Singer in Monterey 20 November 1974.

Carl Kitchen

Linda Komo “The Sunshine Lady” Originally from Jackson, Michigan. USASAFSB Co. A Commander in mid-1978.

Stefan W. Kulmala/Stefan Kulmala/Steve Kulmala (1950-) Originally from Louisiana. 146 Cmr 456 APO AE 09011-0002. He tried to be mysterious, but his loc was easy to figure out.

David W. Kunkel/David Kunkel/Dave Kunkel Did most of the artwork on Imgur (entitled Königlich Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt in Groß-Lichterfelde Berlin c. 1900 (Andrews-Kaserne/Andrews Barracks 1945-1994) United States Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin (USASA FSB) APO AE 09742 Bundesarchiv (BArch) Berlin-Lichterfelde U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin APO AE 09742 by RalphMonclar
Photobucket (entitled U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin APO AE 09742 by AlexanderVasilyevichKolchak). associated with USASAFSB and Teufelsberg.

Fred Kunkel Mistake for David W. Kunkel; should be Fred H. Pruitt

Thomas E. Langenfeld/Thomas Langenfeld/Tom Langenfeld (1942-) Originally from Wisconsin. CO of A Co. mid-1975. Last worked for BAE in Arlington, Virginia.

Patricia Laszczak Subsystem D

Gerald A. Lechliter/Gerald Lechliter/Jerry A. Lechliter/Jerry Lechliter Esq. (1943-) Originally from Delaware. Russian linguist, long-distance runner in his spare time. Eventually retired as Colonel in 1999 and settled in Lewes, Delaware. Talking head for those who hate G.W. Bush and John McCain; self-described “left politically”.

David G. L’Etoile/David L’Etoile/Dave L’Etoile “l’Etoile du Nord”.  Made SFC April 1971.  A second-floor-honcho of some sort.

Francis Xavier Lillis/Francis X. Lillis/Frank X. Lillis/Frank Lillis LTC FSB XO.

Linda Linden 2LT trick boss

Thomas J. Lord/Thomas Lord/Tom Lord Originally from California

Harry Paul Materne III/Harry P. Materne III/Harry Materne (1956-) English and German teacher at the Mad River Local School District, 801 Old Harshman Road, Riverside, Ohio 45431

Hilton W. McDaniel/Hilton McDaniel

James F. McInnes/James McInnes/Jim McInnes Originally from iowa

Rose M. McInnes/Rose McInnes Originally from Florida

Terrence J. McLachlan/Terrence McLachlan/Terry McLachlan Originally from Colorado

Kemett Cebert Messenger Jr. (1945-2018)

Gary C. Micheau/Gary Micheau Originally from Pennsylvania. Captain

Charles Theodore Mielke/Charles T. Mielke/Ted Mielke Originally from North Dakota.

John E. Miller/John Miller SSG; a platoon sergeant.

David Miner/Dave Miner

James C. Minton/James Minton/Jim Minton originally from Michigan

Al Mott Team lead for the Sylvania GTE LE FOX GREEN installation.

Michael J. Mullen/Michael Mullen/Mike Mullen Originally from California. The infamous “Moon Mullen” aka “The Screamer” from Co. A 2nd floor.

Barbara Joan Nachtigal/Barbara J. Nachtigal/Barbara Nachtigal formerly Barbara J. Stevens née Barbara Joan Pullen/Barbara J. Pullen (1950-)

Jerome Franklin Nachtigal/Jerome F. Nachtigal/Jerome Nachtigal/Jerry Nachtigal (1951-)

Lawrence Nail/Larry Nail

Michael L. Nielson/Michael Nielson/Mike Nielson

Mark A. Nyenhuis/Mark Nyenhuis “FTA” Originally from Michigan. FCC Registered Amateur Radio License Call Sign KM4PCH, Licensee ID L01985422 2015-2025 Knoxville, Tennessee.

Roger L. Parkins/Roger Parkins Originally from Kansas

John Pepe Civilian, Army Education Center (AEC), ran the learning center in the basement of USASAFSB Co. B, Building 903; frequent visitor to Teufelseberg where he peddled his brochures from OTB.

James D. Phillips/J.D. Phillips/James Phillips/Jim Phillips “Duke” “J.D.” “Los” (as in “What seems to be the los?”). Originally from one of the Carolinas.

Stephen P. Pomroy/Stephen Pomroy/Steve Pomroy Originally from Texas

Fred H. Pruitt/Fred Pruitt (1948-) Ran Subsystem D. Did much artwork for USASAFSB and Teufelsberg on Imgur (entitled Königlich Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt in Groß-Lichterfelde Berlin c. 1900 (Andrews-Kaserne/Andrews Barracks 1945-1994) United States Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin (USASA FSB) APO AE 09742 Bundesarchiv (BArch) Berlin-Lichterfelde U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin APO AE 09742 by RalphMonclar
Photobucket (entitled U.S. Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin APO AE 09742 by AlexanderVasilyevichKolchak).

Anthony Pullum/Tony Pullum 1SG Company B.

Marc M. Purvis/Marc Purvis Originally from Indiana

Thomas S. Putnam/Thomas Putnam/Tom Putnam Originally from Ohio

Brian Quinn, PMP Originally from the Bronx. The fanatical runner who averaged 130 miles weekly and who won the Spandau Marathon in May 1976.

Ronald H. Radzai/Ronald Radzai/Ron Radzai Originally from Pennsylvania. Self-employed in Los Angeles, California and Quakertown, Pennsylvania doing translation work. Co-authored Russian Traditional Culture: Religion, Gender and Customary Law (Taylor Francis, Inc. Routledge ISBN 10: 1563240408 ISBN 13: 9781563240409) 1992 with Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer. Translated Shamanic Worlds: Rituals and Lore of Siberia and Central Asia (1990, 1997) by Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer.

Thomas C. Rae/Thomas Rae/Tom Rae Originally from Pennsylvania

James M. Robertson/James Robertson/Jim Robertson Originally from Tennessee

Charles R. Rose/Charles Rose/Charlie Rose Originally from Ohio

Melinda Russell Originally from Coronado, California

William J. Sciore/William Sciore/Bill Sciore (1947-) “Mr. Lotto” “Wild Bill”. Originally from Philadelphia; introduced everybody to the term “mackerel-snapper”. Greatest fears: Communism, impotence, poverty, herms. We think he still has an unsettled account at the Fischrestaurant Anfora, Siemensstraße 27, 12247 Berlin, Germany.  He does martial arts now.

Greatest quote:"You can bullshit the baker and get a bun, but you can't bullshit the bullshitter."

Brenda K. Simpson/Brenda Simpson (1954-1995)

Douglas James Soleida/Douglas J. Soleida/Douglas Soleida/Doug Soleida (1951-) Van Nuys High School class of 1969.  Subsystem Delta.

Richard L. Terry/Richard Terry/Rich Terry Originally from Kansas

Patrick Anthony Ulmen/Patrick A. Ulmen/Patrick Ulmen/Pat Ulmen (1931-2017) Colonel MI. 83d Radio Research Special Operations Unit c. 1969.

Patricia E. Uppinghouse/Patricia Uppinghouse/Pat Uppinghouse/Patty Uppinghouse Originally from Wisconsin

Lawrence Vrooman/Larry Vrooman “Zoomin’ Vrooman”. Originally from Texas.

Gary L. Wallace/Gary Wallace Originally from Florida

Darryl E. Warfel/Darryl Warfel (1948-2012) Originally from Pennsylvania.

Lynn Wetzel

Russell William Yoder/Russell W. Yoder/Russell Yoder/Russ Yoder/Rusty Yoder (1954-) Originally from Canton, Ohio.  Now a purchasing executive.  Associate of Arts, University of Maryland, 1975. B.A., Cedarville College later Cedarville University 251 North Main Street, Cedarville, Ohio 45314, 1978.  “Named one of Outstanding Young Men American, Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1981; recipient Letter of Commendation United States Army Security Agency, 1975, Chairman's award Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce, 1987.  Management trainee LUK, Inc., Wooster, Ohio, 1978, personnel manager, 1979-1980, maintenance, repair and operations purchasing, since 1980. Television host Station WCTV, 1984-1985.”  Married 1981, two kids.

James S. Youlen/James Youlen/Jim Youlen (1955-) Originally from Deerfield, New York. The best pecker-poker ever to punch a CHUBBUCK card. FCC Registered Amateur Radio License Liverpool, New York, Call Sign KC2WAW, Licensee ID L01527230 2009-2019.

Patricia A. Younkins/Patricia Younkins/Patty Younkins/Pat Younkins née Patricia A. Fitzpatrick (1955-) Married 25 March 1975 Texas


“The basic overall lesson plan was presented pretty well. I’m glad it wasn’t straight-laced, military and without quizzes. My retainability would have only been about 20%. It was great for us to bullsh*t. We went in depth about certain problem areas dealing with single-channel. My retainability is a little over 50%! The class was interesting overall, but in some areas it was dry and boring.
I have hopes for this new system but the class should be divided between single-channel, multichannel and TAs. Single-channel operators will have enough problems operating their own machinery, than to have to worry about multichannel equipment.
I don’t think we should have covered the USSIDs. More time could have been spent on the equipment. The first day our view-graph broke down and I wasn’t able to follow the lesson on the keyboard set-up. And it was cold in here!
I have no complaints about the class arrangement. The instruction most times wasn’t boring.
A single-channel SOP should be completely different from multichannel. And I’m sure it will be change doften with the many problems we’ll be facing.
The plan of instruction should deal only with LFG---no USSIDs etc. Good overview, but not needed.
John Fowler and APK are good instructors. For one thing, the class was lively!! Thank God.
I will definitely get my sh*t together with this new system when I have equipment in front of me and start from there. The initialization was good---now I know the basic concept of LFG.
That’s it until January 15th.
---Patty Younkins Thursday 21 October 1976
P.S. I have no balls!”

Timothy E. Younkins/Timothy Younkins/Tim Younkins (1954-) Married 25 March 1975 Texas.



David L. Allin/David Allin/Dave Allin (1946-) Originally from Oklahoma.  University of Oklahoma grad 1968 then drafted and served in Vietnam with A Company “Gator” First Battalion 25th Infantry Division (“Tropic Lightning”) April 1969 to March 1970 (Combat Infantryman's Badge, Purple Heart, and two Bronze Stars).  An E6 while at DLIWC.  Russian linguist; did three tours in West Germany and traveled to the Soviet Union as an arms control inspector. He retired from the Army as a First Sergeant in 1991, and worked in the health care industry for twenty years before fully retiring. Now resident Albuquerque, New Mexico. He enjoys hiking, cars, and hot air ballooning.

He is a prolific Kindle novelist:

ATTACK ON NUI BA DEN: A Viet Nam War Novel (8 August 2017)

THE BA NHA INCIDENT: A Viet Nam War Novel (22 February 2017)

THE CRESCENT: A Viet Nam War Novel (4 April 2016)

THE DALTON BOYS: The Real Story of the Dalton Gang (15 October 2015)

FIREFIGHT: A Viet Nam War Novel (19 August 2018)

NIGHT LAAGER: A Viet Nam War Novel (23 October 2015)

THE PARROT’S BEAK: A Viet Nam War Novel (4 September 2016)

PREY FOR THE SNIPER: A Viet Nam War Novel (23 February 2019)

SNIPE HUNT: A Viet Nam War Novel (5 March 2018)

STORMING THE GATES OF EDEN: A Ted Storm Thriller (30 November 2015)

According to Volume 24 Number 2 of The Viet Nam Triple Deuce, Inc.An Association of 2nd Battalion (Mechanized) 22nd Infantry Regiment Viet Nam Veterans Together Then.....Together Again!.....Thanks for Being There...and...Welcome Home (Editors Dan and Vera Streit D 69 DMOR -HMOR 1101 East Main Street, Beloit, Kansas 67420 785-738-2419 Copyright 2018 by The Viet Nam Triple Deuce, Inc.The Viet Nam Triple Deuce Website Steve Irvine B/68-69 Harold Metcalf) dated April 2018 he had recently joined.

Frederick M. Carson/Frederick Carson/Fred Carson (1955-) Originally from Churubusco, Indiana; Churubusco High School class of 1973.  Ask him about The Beast of Busco!


1SG Lerry Dean Chalfant/Lerry D. Chalfant/Lerry Chalfant (1935-2015) He retired as a CSM. Not to be confused with a totally unrelated Larry Dean Chalfant. His last name is misspelled as “Chalifant” under a 1976 photo included in a Imgur post entitled “Königlich Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt in Groß-Lichterfelde Berlin c. 1900 (Andrews-Kaserne/Andrews Barracks 1945-1994) United States Army Security Agency Field Station Berlin (USASA FSB) APO AE 09742 Bundesarchiv (BArch) Berlin-Lichterfelde”. Finally, the 1940 census didn’t get his name right: “Larry Chalfant”.

His birthplace was Independence Township, Hamilton county, Iowa. Then the family moved to Washington Township, Webster county, Iowa. After that we lose track of him for a while.

Linguists remember him in the 1970s as 1SG for Co. A, USASA DLIWC Monterey, California. He was quiet, severe, and impressive; none of his knew that during his 30 years in the Army he racked up the following:

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal aka Vietnam Campaign Medal (Chi?n D?ch B?i Tinh) with Device (1960-);

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross (Anh-D?ng B?i-Tinh) with Palm Cluster;

Republic of Vietnam Legion of Merit (Quân-Công B?i-Tinh);

United Nations Service Medal for Korea (UNKM);

U.S. Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster;

U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon;

U.S. Army Presidential Unit Citatation (PUC).

U.S. Bronze Star Medal with Combat V device;

U.S. Joint Service Commendation Medal (JSCM);

U.S. Korean Service Medal;

U.S. Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) with two bronze Oak Leaf Clusters;

U.S. National Defense Service with Oak Leaf Cluster;

U.S. Republic of Vietnam Service Medal with Bronze Star;


He died at his home (3101 Baker Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89701) surrounded by family: wife Herminia Chalfant (1937-), Denise T. Chalfant (1995-), Gisele Yvette Chalfant (1971-), Nena Chalfant (1936-), Danielle E. Pearson née Danielle Monique Chalfant (1991-).


Nor wreck, nor change, nor winter's blight,

Nor Time's remorseless doom,

Shall dim one ray of glory's light

That gilds your deathless tomb.


Lance Gary Clark/Lance G. Clark/Lance Clark (1955-) Originally from Geneva or Ithaca or similar place, New York.  DLIWC Russian.  Still has the first nickel he ever earned.


Der U-Boot-Kapitän Bearded, over 6’ tall, always (seasonally) in a white turtle-neck wool sweater.  He was one of our favorite trick-bus drivers.  Niemand für Düppel!


Robert J. Jamieson/Robert Jamieson/Bob Jamieson DLIWC Russian.  Originally from Ohio?


Angela D. Murphy/Angela Murphy/Angie Murphy née Angela D. Little/Angela Little/Angie Little Originally from Minnesota. DLIWC Russian. Spotted in Pantry Pride, Laurel Maryland c. 1980.


Tony the Schnellimbiß Guy Dished out shashlik and currywurst and pommes frites and God knows what else at all hours from his wagon right outside the main Finckensteinallee gate.  He vacationed in East Germany (!) and of course he worked for the MfS.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Ralph Monclar. All rights reserved.

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