When The Guns Are Drawn

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A tale of the vengeance ride.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



In the dusty western town,


Nothing much happened till sundown,


When the saloon's provided a stool,


And firewater made many a man into a foo,


Down went the sun,


It was supposed to be a rowdy night of drunken fun,


The chief gunslingers among the pack,


A shot rang out and hit Morgan in the back,


He fell onto to the now bloody table,


Gone was the legendary Western fable,


The man was a living story,


Who was the embodiment of the West in all its glory,


But the men who wore the bandanas of red,


Needed to see this lawman dead,


Then came the bloody dawn,


Guns were loaded as they sleepily yawned,


Exhaustion showed outside,


But desire for vengeance made them ride,


Wyatt,Virgil, and Doc too,


Rode each one down as bullets ran them through,


If you were caught wearing that fatal color,


You'd catch a bullet and fall down into the squalor,


Hard and deep they rode,


Killing all whether on the trail or in their humble abode,


For killers needed to pay,


It was the wild western way,


Across fields of grass and sand,


The three rode out dealing death from the colts in their hands,


Cowboys fell over with glazed eyes,


Shot down and left to die,


Twas repaid in full on this bloody path,


The lawless soon grew to fear Earp's violent wrath,


Yet they who had fired the first shot,


Reaized it was all for naught,


They were going to join the fallen's ranks,


Realizing this their hearts sank,


Yet the trio did find them,


And left them to the mercy of a speeding bullet's whim,


Even as their guns erupt,


They were ones buired with boots up,


Soon the ride was over,


No more did they need to be avenging rovers,


As the years came and present ttunred to past,


Everyone remembered the who was still standing at the very last

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