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In life we go through many times where we lose the will to go on due to something going on in our life - this poem assisted me in getting through that time.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018




I have lost again with the will to go on

I tell myself over and over to try to go on

No matter how many friends leave you,

Who try not to be rude about it,

Life still goes on No matter if you do not fit in,

Life still goes on.

Don't try to give up on life when people stop

Believing in you.

Don't give up on life because you feel alone in this big world.

Don't give up on life because no one cares anymore.

No matter how bad things seem,

Don't put your head down ~

Keep it up and try to go on.

When people stop believing in you,

Keep going no matter what ~

Don't give up ~

Don't give up when your heart is breaking in two or more.

It will sooner or later mend back together.

Don't give up, even if your soul has gone and drowned in sadness.

Don't ever give up!

Keep going and sooner or later

You will find someone who truly loves you

And is willing to stand by you through thick and thin.

Don't give up!

Keep on going ~

Life is precious, even when you think no one

Cares for you or hates you.

Because in this huge world, we all have enemies!

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