Holy One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A piece based on Solomonic texts.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



I am the holy one,


His chosen son,


Father of the believers,


Shepard of the deceiver,


Damnation is my story,


The morning is my glory,


Heralded as the prince of light,


Twas granted instead an eternal night,


When the sun gives rise,


My empty throne without me flies,


Called the father of the dark,


My songs are sung by the meadow lark,


A testament to times before,


When the light rays I still wore,


Glowed as I basked,


Then I was so dreadfully tasked,


To live in the deep,


With the eyeless beings that slither and creep,


I'm a prince without promise of a throne,


My sin is existing and I'm forced to atone,


Forced from the morning's choirs,


I must rot in the darkest mire,


I used to bring each day's new breath,


Then I became the day's death,


As it was told,


That I should be punished tenfold,


For my existence is a crime aginst creation,


So I suffer in desolation,


They call me tainted and profane,


The morning light's bane,


Yet they forget I'm of the new day,


My soul is of the sun's rays,


So I suffer in the dark,


Knowing chances of escape are stark,


I was once called his holy child,


Bringing forth a warmth mild,


But Akephalos sung his song,


Then I was accused of some wrong,


I couldn't even comprehend,


Knowing for my sun this would be the end,


So I was forced intot the abyss,


Granted only dark's kiss,


My very being quivers and twitch,


Like this dark is an unreachable itch,


For  a being of day,


This isn't the way,


Soon I feel,


My soul will turn into moon's steel,


Then my light will be gone,


And I will learn to dread the dawn,


I want from this to run,


But darkness has made me into its holy son

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