I meant what I said, I swear to G*d that I did but I am not wired to leave myself exposed 

& somewhere down the line I screwed the panels back on 

Being vulnerable never came easy to me, especially when it came to you

What about when I came to you? Wrists slit onto the page and inked into a melody

how many songs did I write for you before they ceased to be for you & became my therapy? 

No co-pay necessary 

wrought myself anew. I wrote myself anew. 

A new perspective on the situation that required translation so that I could understand.

The love was lost.

Once upon a time in fairytale memories and candied dreams...but I hurt you, you hurt me, we hurt when we’re together.

So I’m divorcing myself from the idea entirely.

No more biting remarks or snide observations. 

La fin es bonne


Submitted: August 13, 2018

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