LEVEL 6: A Novella: ONE

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Ronnie Giles, a dance instructor who couldn't keep up the payments on the loans from his elderly clients, is sentenced to five years in a California State Prison, LEVEL 5. Abruptly, his prison bus
heads off into the Redwood forests of Northern California, where the bizarre is normal; prison isn't really prison; everything is soaked in mystery; people disappear, and to questions about where
they went, the answer is always: LEVEL 6.

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Submitted: August 12, 2018

Dancing Ronnie Giles was waltzing around elderly matrons and borrowing money. His payments got behind. A ferret-like D.A. called Mad Dog gets a spineless judge to sentence Ronnie to five years in
the joint. When the prison bus starts overland through Redwood forests,, Ronnie and the others are amazed and not particularly delighted. Then they stop in the middle of the forest to begin their
sentences . . . WTF?.
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