God's Former Light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Back by popular request another religious piece from a rather darker side of the spectrum.

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



O, Serpent and Liar
Step forth from infernal fires
I invoke thee
Set thy legions free
Inside the shrine called life
Profane it with your touch of strife
Fill thy coffers with Heaven's plunder
By the seven wonders
By myriad mortals
We invoke thee from an infernal portal
To terrorize before dawn
That then will be gone
And are to come
With your chosen few and then some
Outside desert of restriction
We shall beat back the layman's benediction
In act of rebellion
We summon you Caesar and hellion
On the bloody sea of motion
The sacrfice to the weak shall stir a commotion
Stability of thatmatter
Will leave their war banners in shredded tatters
By serenity, strength and serpentine will
We shall feed you the blood of our kills
By the mighty chant of every breath
In thy name we spread fire and death
In serpentine dance of blood wells
The summoners shall give the simplicity of spells
Blasphemy of the divine names
There shall be an end to all these mortal games
I greet thy presence
Fill us with thy infernal essence
 Thou art  greater than any  god
Coiled underneath their false majesty'sthrone
From Eden they shall burn and atone
With thee I reunite
As your priest of dark and night
With blood we make this covenant
With blood we shall make the rugged ascent
Myself I shall  redefine
As I shed the flesh of my creator king of swine

There is more than the flesh
Thy will has made me see through the mesh
Look careful and thou may see
The unextinguished flame
That burns wild and can't be tamed
The nectar of thy rage
Borne forth like a beast from its cage
It shall not be another day
For thou we continue to kill and flay
Another eternity gone
Of thine kingdom to replace to his at dawn
And on the stairway to salvation
We pray for unholy desolation
I walk  among the falling stars
But look ahead so far
Looking to bow
Where art Thou?
We  continue to follow thy eternal light
Father of lies, fire, and night

© Copyright 2018 The Palest Rider. All rights reserved.

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