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a strange conversation between two strangers that leads to a deeper things ,at the end you'll doubt your own existent !...

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018





-Excuse me, can I have a seat !?. she asked.

-sure…! . He answered with hesitation.

On a Friday night, somewhere in a quiet area ,on the planet ,at "golden cup" , a place that serves coffee ,tea, bagel ,and stuff like that ,at one of the five tables outside ,his name was "nate" ,and he was…..well, he was nate , a good guy ,not older than 35 and not younger than 20 , his hair was brown ,black eyed , light beard , he was white , obviously ,every Friday he went to the same place at the same time every week ,alone, no one except for the waiter heard his voice , even though he was answering for the question "do you want the usual sir " by shaking his head ,what he was doing there ?, he was reading ,doesn't matter what , he was just reading , at least until she happened ,

-sure !..he said

-oh ,thanks .said the strange woman while she sat opposite to him.

Well, I'm charlotte !

-good for you ! said nate.

-I know right !, but thanks , and you'll be …!?

He took a long creepy look at her ,"nate" he said

-nice name! , I like it ,I really do ,now "nate" , may I ask what do you do for living !?

- no ! you may not !, who are you ? ,I mean really what do you want ?

-nothing , oh I want nothing , I just wanted to have a conversation !

- and you didn't assumed that I don’t !

-no of course ,I did , but it doesn’t matter anymore, I mean look ,we're having one ,aren't we?

-I guess , you are strange !.

-thanks !

-I didn't meant it as a compliment !

-again , darling , it doesn't matter !

-well , what's matter then !

-what's matter darling , is you observed something about me !, but I don't think that's the only thing you observed about me , I'm I right !?.

He looked straight at her eyes ,like if he couldn't move them , a deep look , he looked nervous ,

Yes , "darling" you're beautiful !. he said , so beautiful !

-well ,thanks , but don't act like one of them, you're not , I can see that!, now tell me "nate" do you believe in god !?

-now I'm confused . he said, what that question for !?.

With a smile ,with confidant , "doesn't matter" she said .

-well, do you mean in a certain religion !?. said "nate"

-I mean do you believe in god ….?

-do you ?

-it depends !

-on what!

-on how this conversation will end, now your turn darling ,you answer ..!

-I don't think so , not really …! "Nate" answered

-why ?!. she wondered !

-what do you think !?

-I think it's your ego !

-my ego !, good answer but , maybe !

-I don't think that you're ready to worship someone that you 're not even sure of it existent , I don't think that you're ready to believe in something you can't see !

-close , very close , you're good !

- I know ! she said .

He asked her while she took a cigarette ,"what did you meant by it depends ! I can't see what does this conversation have to do with your believes" !.

-darling , don't you see ?, it depends on your answers ! , i knew you ! , I chose you !

With a spark of a smile , with a strange look , a look that she found scary , "chose me for what !" he said .

She was confused for a while , something about that smile , something about that look ,she was scared , before that she had confidant," I have the lead" , she would say ,she was strange , she was different, strong woman ,nice woman ,a woman with makeup ,a woman with a nice dress , beautiful face ,she seemed like she just got out of a party , she asked the waiter for a coffee, in that moment , that scary strange moment , she saw a word , it seemed like a tattoo on his hand , she asked him about it , and he showed her .


-Father ,don't bury me in the ocean !

-but ,at least you'll feel free !

-it's lonely there !

-you'll see things that you've never seen!

-it's dark there father !

-but , you'll flow there ,my son !

-no father , it's deep there …

That was written allover his hand ,she was shocked ,she thought she knew him !, but that was deep, he has a deeper meaning ,

You didn't asked me , how do I know you ! . said "charlotte"

-while he got up from his seat to take the cigarette from her hand , "it doesn't matter" he said !, with that same smile ,then he sat on his chair , she laughed ,  "you're good" she said

-a mutual respect ! said "nate"

-why not ,said charlotte while she burned another cigarette, " what are you" she asked .

-big question !

-is it !, she said

-it is !, he answered .

-well, do you have a big answer for that big question !

-it depends ! . he said

-on what !?

- on how this conversation will end ! , he answered

-oh , that shocking !

- why it is !

- I'm losing you !..., she said .

-darling, you never had me !...

she didn't listened to him , all she heard was that smile , all she saw was that smile !

-now ,won't you ask me !

-ask you what ! she said

-I think you have a question !

-why are you so sure !

-well don't you !?

-I do !

"Go ahead then" he said while he asked for a coffee .

  • This conversation was meant to be about two questions ,said charlotte, the first one was do you believe in god …

-and the second !

- do you believe in your existent !.

-well , I don't get it !

-alright , let's put a theory ,imagine that this world is some kind of a virtual reality, an experiment , imagine that you're in the real world now laying at a bed and there is a doctors and specialist's studying you, they made you sleep ,by your will , so they put you in that world and you was born here , they put ideas and thoughts in your head ,they do things then study your actions and reactions , everything you know ,everything you've known , is a game , an experiment "nate", you lost your memory about the real world when you got in this so as we ,so as all humans here , they made you think of certain things ,everything , your believes , now can you prove that everything I just said is wrong !?, can you prove that you're already in the real world ?.

That moment , she acted like a crazy , she sounded like one ,she seemed like one ,and she talked like one , she wanted his answer ,for some reason ,she really did ,he finished his coffee,

Well ," chaelotte" ,he said , "I see", I really do , I see now .

-you see? . she asked

-yes darling ,said "nate", I see .

Now let's put another hypothesis , shall we, what make you not think of the possibility that I'm not part of the experiment they do on you ,maybe they made me or they put me to see your reaction when I tell you this ,maybe they gave you the idea to see how are you going to act , maybe all of this was meant for this very moment , and maybe , maybe I'm one of them , and I wanted to see your reaction after I finish this talk !,

Now ,now that smile , now that look , she felt evil inside of him , she was terrified of him ,she felt horror , very confused , very week , nothing to say , she found it difficult Accommodating all of this , that's a game changer for her , a deal breaker  ,all of she was just a messed up , she left the chair and her eyes on him , she ran to a taxi and left the place ,

Now for me , as a writer , I think she was right to leave , that was shocking for her , she didn't saw that coming , now you …

Yes you ,the reader , what's make you think that I'm not one of them ,maybe I wanted to put these ideas in your head , maybe I wanted to see your reaction ! .

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