The Messenger

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A story about universal love, creation, cycles and overcoming barriers.

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



The stars open their way to the end of the galaxy. The end begins anew. The circle loops around, over, all about. The spiral of life never ceases to cross paths. It comes and goes just as fast. It doesn’t stop, it keeps moving in endless directions, converging and diverging at the same time. The stars follow. The planets remain as stewards of life. The celestial bodies travel the far reaches of the universe to tell the tale of Creation. Life begins and fades. Yet these monolithic messengers remain stoic in the face of fate.


One planet for life. One star for light. One galaxy for guidance. One universe for Creation. The light shone brightly on a lone star in the far end of the galaxy. The planets celebrated around it, but it was still early to join the dance. For the star was young and its light was but a glimmer. Hope guided the newborn. Its stewards were already prepared to receive its wisdom, light and trust. But the star gazed across the infinity of the cosmos. Its void could only frighten those who looked too deeply. The newborn star hesitated. It was still too early to grasp the magnitude of its surroundings.  


The young star observed its caretakers with solemn breath. They were unrelenting in their sacred mission. They had no time for notions of love, only fulfilment and closure. The star was always instructed to have love for itself, and itself only, for feelings for others would only detract from its sacred mission. Even so, the star still wished to know love for another, but there was no one to share this love with. And so, it became accustomed to just observe, like a solitary master. The nearby planets started displaying their personalities in the form of different energy: one was a gas giant, another was coated with a blue ocean with the clearest water the star had ever seen. But there was one planet in the far reaches of the solar system that the star always looked towards. An icy planet. The young star was becoming hotter and hotter as it aged, yet this crystal clear neighbor continued its journey to becoming a shining frozen beacon of crystalline rays of icy energy. The star’s heat began to turn, fiercely burning brighter with its passion.


As the universe was traversing through its phases, the inter-planetary winds also started to become more powerful and the now-massive supernova, had increased its mass to be able to reach even farther into the cosmos. Even as it grew brighter, it knew that the chance to get closer to the icy queen became equally more distant as time passed. This saddened the star greatly. So much so, that it started burning less and less.


The universe had been expanding ever so rapidly, the time for rest was due. Stars would burn up and sleep, planets would freeze and shrivel. The hotter planets were the first to have their light extinguished. The star had resigned itself to its fate and awaited the end of another cycle. It emanated one last smile, for the heat may have been gone on the surface, but the passion it had for itself and its life had never waned. As its siblings closed their eyes one by one, it was time to sleep. A final lullaby sounded in the distant expanse. It was getting closer. As it quieted down, the final note was accompanied by a messenger. A crystalline snowflake landed on the now-cold star. It echoed across the cosmos with its final breath: “I love you”.

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