Urban Nightmare

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Tales from beyond the shadows.

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



This is only a short term thing Marion told herself for the hundredth time since leaving the squat, just until I get a break with a modelling agency. The cold biting wind whipped leaves and papers around her ankles; she was freezing in the short skirt and bare legs. She wished she had the price of some tights, shivering she pulled her thin jacket tighter across her chest. Faint voices drifted to her on the wind and she moved from the centre of the pavement and deeper into the shadows. The voices grew clearer now as she made her way further down the street, in the distance she could make out the outline of the girls loitering beneath the street lights.

 She needed to stay out of their sight, yet she needed to find some illumination. After all how would she attract any punters in the darkness beyond the lights, the first time she had tried to work this beat she had learned an invaluable lesson. Marion had made the mistake of thinking that it was okay just to walk up and stand beneath the lights; it took her the best part of a week to recover from the beating. The older women guarded their beat jealously and they did not want competition from a young woman like her.

Her mother would send her on the fare home in a heartbeat, but she would never give the small minded folks back home the satisfaction of seeing her fail. Oh! How those self-righteous bitches in that small town would love to see her return a failure, well she was never going to allow that to happen. She positioned herself outside a small shop that had a neon sign in the window, as the hours passed she became colder and hungrier. In the end she admitted to herself she would not have any takers tonight, time to go back to that filthy rat infested building she sheltered in.

 Marion was unaware of the car that had slowed to keep pace with her until he spoke; startled she turned quickly, staring at the strange dark man at the wheel. “Are you selling your body" the voice was a deep one and the accent hinted that English was only a second language. Marion was immediately offended and was about rebuke such an idea, and then she remembered sadly. That was exactly what she had come here to do.

Marion was terrified as she sat in the passenger seat, she chattered continuously as they drove, to disguise her nervousness. The strange man just stared resolutely at the road in front of him, showing absolutely zero interest in her or her career plans as a model. The big house was at the end of a long tree lined avenue, and it hinted at serious wealth. She hesitated before getting out of the car, wondering should she ask for her money first. In the end she thought, if he owns a big house like this he should have no problem paying her fee.

The tall dark man led her to large drawing room, it was expensively furnished. She was confused now as he had not even once tried to put his hands on her, it was as if she held no attraction whatsoever to him. When he brought the glass of brandy to her, he paused and stared into her eyes. Then for the first time he smiled and she felt that something about her was attractive to him.  Marion gulped down the alcohol he gave her; she would need to be drunk to go through with this. She had no sooner finished the first glass when she began to relax and feel sleepy; minutes later she was out cold.

 How long had she been unconscious? She could not say, but she woke to an impossible darkness, it was far more than just an absence of light. Marion had no recollection of where she was, or how she had come to be there.  A strange numbness pervaded her mind, somewhere inside her fear tried to galvanise her into action. But it was as if she was somehow just an indifferent observer to the whole thing. She tried to get up but felt too weak, and then the strange voice spoke to her. “Lay where you are, you are still weak after the surgery. But you will be okay, it was a relatively minor procedure" Marion felt her heart sink and she asked if she had been in an accident. “Of course not my dear, you said you were selling your body. However all I needed were the eyes, and I have a customer waiting". A bunch of paper money was suddenly thrust into her hand, then fading footsteps sounded and she was alone.

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