The Forgotten

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Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



The Forgotten.

I closed my eyes.

I never close my eyes for too long, i'm too afraid of the dark.

Fearing that when I open them, Something bad will happen.


Mother sent Cedrick and I out to the bakery on a Tuesday afternoon.

It was a beautiful day.

As we walked, Cedrick spotted a park

And ran towards it to play on the swings.

I called for him to come back, but of course he did not listen; So I went after him.

He begged me to let him play for five minutes.

I rolled my eyes, and said “ okay, but we have to hurry, mother is waiting for us”.

He shook his head and sat on the swing.


I sat down, I was tired from playing the piano for hours that day.


I closed my eyes, for just a second;

And when I opened them again

He was nowhere to be found.

I screamed and called out for him, No answer.

I turned around to run home, and he was right there.

Right in front of me.

I hugged him, and he said” Ha! I scared you good”.

I was furious with him, looked him straight in his eyes and told him never do that again; I grabbed him and started to walk home.


The sun was going down.

I rushed in the house and apologized to  my mother for forgetting the bread.

I told her that Cedrick wanted to go to the park, and I took a nap on the bench.


My mother looked at me,

She stood there just staring.

She finally spoke, and told me to sit down.

“Your brother has been missing for the past five years Evangeline.  You Keep reliving this memory every first tuesday of the year.”


I did not  believe her, I couldn't  I said” no, I was just with him”, I turned around and he wasn't there.


She she showed me the newspapers, describing his disappearance and the date.

She explained it was the day I took him to that park, and said it was not my fault.


I could not let him go, something in my brain was all messed up.


If only I walked straight to the bakery, and straight home afterward.

If only I hadn’t taken that stupid nap.

I never closed my eyes because I was scared to death I would lose him again.


© Copyright 2018 Kisha Diaz. All rights reserved.

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