Dream 16th July 2018

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My dreams are occasionally rather vivid, the one friend that I tell them to suggested I post them somewhere online for feedback on my writing, but also on the dreams themselves.

These dreams have a particular feeling to them that separates them from other dreams. Every time I've felt this feeling in a dream, I have been close to dying in that dream. The threat can be
different beings, but I am always helpless and under attack. One recurring threat in particular is a dog/hound/wolf, this feeling has haunted me since I was a child in my dreams and sometimes even
vaguely in the form of shivers along my back when alone in the dark. I am not afraid of the dark though, I brave it.

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



I am all alone in the valley where I grew up, it is peaceful and calm in this very early morning. People will not be awake until yet a few hours. The summer night gives the surrounding a blueish tint.

Suddenly a very noteable feeling washes over me, oppressive and threatening.

I look around, there is danger about. It is not the first time I feel this feeling.

I am alone, I can see the leaves rustling but the oppressive feeling cuts out all sounds.

I look around across the valley to where my parents farm is located and I see mom's black horse, brilliance, looking at me. I sense no threat from him. On the contrary, he is worried. Not for his life, but for mine. From having lived with horses for the bigger part of my life, I know horses have keener senses that men so I try to see where his attention is focused.

His eyes and ears are turned towards something slightly behind me to my left. There is a grave there, a thousand year old grave of a Viking king that fell in battle.

I have sensed his spirit before but as a benign, guarding spirit. No, there is no malevolence radiating from his grave, there is nothing at all from the grave. I get the feeling that he would have helped me if he could - if his presence had been there.

The feeling is getting more intense, I see a flash from beyond one of the mounds where both Swedish and Danish soldiers were buried side by side - enemies in life, brothers in death. The flash is unrecognisable, I cannot tell if it is hostile or friendly or even neutral.

I must act, This presence is draining me, I fall to my knees on the harvested acre, I try to let out a fearsome growl, but my voice only carries me halfway through. I cannot even make a sound, let alone fight.

I am standing on all four, barely able to lift my head. I realise there are no buildings, the white church at the end of the valley is not there, my parents house is absent, none of the neighboring houses are here. They have not been at all during the dream.

Only this blueish summer night, the tall birches moving as if in the wind, only there is no wind. The shrouds of leaves rattling without a sound.

Had there been a building I might have attempted to crawl to it using my last powers, most likely I would not have made it there, most likely it would not help, but damn it I would try.

There is no giving up without a fight, even my little finger might find its way into an attackers eye or nostril and cause a nosebleed - resistance must never cease.

Without being able to identify where the threat is however, my last hope is that this is only a dream. I must try to escape by waking up. I force myself into waking up, At first I merely sit there on my knees like a sitting prey, I stare into the mud unable to lift my head.

I pray to reality as I do not believe in a god, I pray that this is merely a dream.

Nothing happens, the mud is as real as it gets.

Suddenly the texture changes and turn into the underside of the bunk bed above me.

Did I open my eyes before or after I woke up? I cannot tell, it was as if the mud melted away into the new texture, as if I am no more awake now than I was when I dreamed.

I lie with open eyes, I should write this down. My phone is in the other end of the room. It takes me a minute or so before I go up.

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