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There is a new colony on Mars, but after a storm something is terribly wrong.

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



Knocking is heard coming from the Base Commander's office door. The Commander cringed, and then looked up from her "Many-Uses-Modular" desk. 

"Come in!" she said in an aggravated tone.

The door opened and in rushed the base manager, Skip Thorton.

The Commander barked at him, "Well, what is it?"

Thorton replied, "It's an electrical storm, Commander, and it is a really big one this time."

Immediately the Commander directed her attention to an object on her desk, and said, "Oblidee."

Oblidee replied instantly, in a very monotone, genderless, voice, "Oblidee is listening."

"Oblidee, this is Commander Davidson, institute a retinal scan and voice verification, now!"

Oblidee replied, "Scan complete and verification recognized. What are your orders Commander?"

Institute protocols for an E-S-W and notify all personnel to evacuate to Pod-Seven when their ESW procedural tasks are complete."

Oblidee asked, "Is that all Commander?"

The Commander thought for a moment, a very brief moment, and then gave the following order.

"When all personnel are secured in Pod-Seven disconnect all interior cables from the exterior power grid.

Now Oblidee, repeat my orders."

Oblidee immediately did just that.

"Good," replied the Commander, "now Oblidee, implement orders One and Two."



The storm was an unusually long and strong one, nothing like any electrical storm that they had experienced before. 


(After the storm had passed.)

"Huston, this is Mars-Pod One. Do you copy?"

"Huston, --- this is Mars-Pod One. Do you copy?"

"Huston, --- this is Mars-Pod One. --- Do you copy?!?"


What's going on Preston? Earth is visible from our position on Mars, yet we get no response. The signal is a straight shot but it is as if they can't hear us. What gives?" said Commander Sandra Davidson, the commander of the Mars-Pod complex.

Tomas Preston, communications officer for Musk Mars Enterprises, replied, "Your guess is as good as mine, Sandra.

Everything is messed up. That electrical storm must have done some kind of damage that we are not aware of; even Oblidee isn't responding."

At that moment Stella Cartino, a planetary science expert, stated, "Our instruments are saying that earth shouldn't be where it is, yet it is visible in our telescope.

In fact, all the planets are about opposite of where our calculations say that they should be. Until Oblidee is up and running, well, we're pretty much in the dark."

The Commander thought for a moment and asked, "Is that in relation to Mar's position, or what?"

"No," Preston stated, "it is in relationship to Earth position, our point of origin."

"Well then, that explains it!" the Commander stated with a look of knowing on her face.

"Explains what, Sandra?" Preston asked.

Sandra Davidson asked another question without answering Preston.

"When is the Earth due to fall out of our view, you know, when will the one we are seeing go behind the Sun?"

"One hour, fourteen minutes," Preston replied, and still looking confused.

"OK then," stated the Commander, in One Hour, fifteen minutes, start broadcasting again. My guess is that we will get a response then.

Everyone in the communications room laughed hysterically, thinking that the Commander was making one of the jokes that she is so famous for. It has always been her way to lighten the mood when things get too tense.


Was it a joke? No, Sandra was not kidding. This Android never jokes around about serious things and the discovery that there are two earths in exact opposite orbits is a serious matter.

In One Hour, seventeen minutes, Mars-Pod One received a transmitted reply from Earth, the Earth that was seen circling around and into their view, from the opposite side of the Sun.

D. Thurmond / JEFalcon


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