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Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



Precautions of the safest kind.

What once was lost, now I’ll find. 

Where he once saw, he is now blind.

Juror for the great divide,

Blind yourself from my mind’s eye.

Blur right from wrong to see no lines. 

Shame yourself from that which lies.


Again denied, salvation of the darkest side.

What once was his life, now is mine.

Twisted so haggard through my spine.

To kill a snake, one must subside. 


Devour us with justice, thrice. 

Though both have vice in midnight’s light,

I am shamed by his repose. 

You will see the difference in our eyes. 


Compared to a caterpillar’s fight,

One must consume another essence of life

Before accepting freedom of flight.

He’s devoured and degraded the encasement around my mortal self

And should have crippled my development,

But the mark he left, though you can’t see,

Has blackened, has strengthened the weaker me. 


Start now, go fast. Go now, my Love.

The showing colours, fluttering and composing, 

They will devour everything you could become.

Twisted and tangled, withering my love.

He lies dormant in my smoldering soul,

Pulling me down the uncensored path I’ve come to know. 


Coiled through my very essence,

Caught in my web of emotions.

My life wasn’t meant to be pleasant.

No trace of justice, no sense of pride.

With these two hands I hold the blade

That should have freed me from this façade.

I bleed from the puncture in my third eye,

Knowing only now, my adapted self. 

Now that he is gone, and so am I.

© Copyright 2019 J.M.Mason. All rights reserved.

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