Dream 11th of July

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Dreams can be very vivid sometimes. Since I was a kid, I have had dreams that distinguish themselves from my other dreams with an oppressive feeling of being under threat. The threat takes
different shapes in different dreams, but often manifests in the shape of a hound or a dog.

This is despite of me having no fear of dogs and no bad experiences of them whatsoever.

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



I dreamt I was walking home along a road as so many times before.

There is a set of trees along the road, in this dream I could see the lights of my parents house in the distance but no other buildings were present.

In this dream it is late autumn, there is no snow and temperature is mild. That means it is also pitch black in the night.

I get this oppressive feeling that I know far too well.

I look around for the threat when a wolf appears among the trees just by the road.

Wolves hunt in pack and often trick it's prey by allowing one wolf to be seen so the prey will focus on that particular wolf while the rest of the pack attempt to circle the prey - attacking from behind.

I know this, I also know that if I turn my back on this visible wolf, he will attack.

I am unarmed. when I was deployed, I had a pistol on my hip wherever I went, I miss that pistol right about now.

I am physically inferior to this beast, but maybe I can put up a fight enough to fill it into thinking otherwise. How do I harm it? I do not even carry a knife.

I try as best I can with my human throat to let out a growl, let the wolf know I am ready to fight it with all my available means even though they extend to punches, kicks, bites and grips alone.

There is a slight oppresive feeling and it is making me weak. The feeling turns my growl into a weak attempt that sounds just like you would imagine from a human child.

Still, I let this beast know I will not yield, I let him know he will feel whatever pain I can bring unto him. The wolf takes a huge leap - his teeth aimed at my throat.

I raise my arms to block him just before I wake up.


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