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My story is about two people and how they met and the rest of their life.

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018




"I don't think I should go Mila" explained Victoria "After that tragic breakup the only thing I want right now is meeting new people and especially new boys , Mila please don't go" kept explaining Victoria

"Vic I know how you feel right now but I want to have a bit of fun and you should too, it won't be the end of the world if you will go out and have a bit of fun" laughed Mila

Victoria rolled her eyes. Mila took her by the hand and pushed her in front of the mirror " Look at you girl , you have that amazing body and you don’t wanna show it off"

"No Mils I don't want to show it off after I had three tubs of ice cream, about ten chocolate chip cookies and a bottle champagne"

"Vic, put the red dress on and let's go it's the weekend. I want to party" added Mila

Victoria and Mila confidently got out of the taxi that brought them to the nearest disco.

"We are gonna have so much fun Vic" shouted Mila in Victoria's ear over the loud music.

"Mila thank you for bringing me here, at home I would of probably sunk into the couch binge watching 'Orange Is The New Black'" shouted Victoria as well

Mila nodded her head and danced her way to the bar holding on tight to Victoria. They got their drinks and started dancing as well. Mila kept leaving Victoria on her own to get drinks, and while Mila was gone  Victoria awkwardly danced moving her slim body side to side. About two hours passed and they got tired.

"Mila, I'm going to the bathroom to cool off "

"Ok, I'll be over there' said Mila pointing to a row of chairs with velvet covers.

Victoria walked slowly to the bar and asked where the bathroom is, he pointed to the left .She walked to where he showed her. Victoria felt like she was walking for a very long time until BOOM she bumps into this tall, handsome boy and he spilled his drink over her dress.

"Oh I'm so sorry, would you like me to show you where the bathroom is?" he asked apologetically

" Yes please and don't worry about the dress it will come off" she spoke quickly

They walked down a long hall with red lights hanging from the ceiling. Victoria kept opening her mouth to say something but quickly thought and didn't say anything. The tension between them was very awkward that Victoria kept looking over at him and saw him go red. They reached the door to the girls bathroom.

" I should go, it was nice meeting you "


Victoria and Mila don't remember coming home last, but the only thing Victoria remembers is meeting a boy. Victoria got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water when her phone ringing.

"Hello, who's this" answered Victoria

"Good morning, it's me the boy that spilled his drink on your beautiful red dress" whispered the man on the other line "You gave me your number last night and I drove you home"

"Thanks for driving me and my sister home"

"You're welcome and I didn't get your name last night so can I get it today?"

"Victoria is my name and what is - "Vic can you get me a glass of cold water please" interrupted Mila

"Well I hope I'll see you again soon and my name is Valentin" he added

Victoria got Mila a bottle of water from fridge and sat on the bed beside her and told her about the boy and how they got home. They got dressed into comfortable clothes, got back in bed and watched TV. It was four o'clock when Mila boyfriend called her and asked he to come to the park down the road. Mila put on a pair of light blue jeans that were too loose for her thin legs with a white blouse and a black leather jacket.

"Are you coming with us?" asked Mila

"Yeah sure" said Victoria "but then I'll get third wheeled and it will be so awkward"

"It's fine, maybe your crush will be there" joked Mila

"He's not my crush, I barely even know the guy" laughed Victoria as they walked out of their apartment.
They reached the park and Mila saw her boyfriend James, waved goodbye to Victoria and walked over to him. Victoria sat on a swing thinking about him. She took out her phone to call him but someone touched her shoulder and she jumped.

"You scared me" gasped Victoria sitting back down on the swing.

"Sorry, are you alone?" asked Valentin

"No, I'm with my sister Mila" whispered Victoria pointing to two people making out on the bench on the other side of the park.

"So tell me more about your self" asked Valentin 

"I'm twenty-two, have a sister Mila and my full name is Victoria Thoreaux , French dad" explained Victoria

"That's the coolest name I have heard so far, I'm twenty-four, my name is Valentin Fullmetal and I have three brothers, big family" finished Valentin awkwardly. Victoria looked over to Mila and saw her winking. Victoria and Valentin talked for three hours until Mila comes and interrupts their conversation.

"Vic let's go home, I'm tired" cried Mila

"I'll talk to you later Vic" whispered Valentin kissing her cold cheek.



Victoria kept on replaying that moment in her head over and over, while Mila kept talking about how James has to go to France to study butterflies " Seriously Vic why can't he study here, I'll miss him and what's up with you and that guy"? Asked Mila

"I don't even know what happened Mils, does he like me? Do I like him? I don't remember what we even talked about because he kept looking at me and it was so sweet and so breath taking" burst Victoria

The girls walked quietly back to their apartment. Victoria stayed in the kitchen to think things through and the next she knew someone was bringing her to her room. Half asleep she didn't know who it was and started screaming. It was Valentin.

"How did you get in?" asked Victoria surprised

"Your sister called me and said that you were talking to your self in the kitchen, about me and how you like me " laughed Valentin. They looked into each others eyes about to kiss when Mila comes in shouting and James walking behind.

"VIC, JAMES PROPOSED AND I SAID YES!" sobbed Mila . Mila and Victoria hugged, looked at the ring together and admired it. Victoria walked over to James, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear "Take care of my sister and make her feel loved brother". James nodded calling Mila and left.

"Just us two ,again" whispered Valentin moving in to kiss Victoria. The next morning Victoria woke up with a headache and next to him. She got up, called Mila and told her about the night.

"Morning babe" said Valentin grabbing Victoria's waist and pulling her next to him.

"I made tea" said Victoria unravelling from his grip. Valentin ignored the fact that she didn't call him babe too. He picked up the largest mug of tea, sat down at the table and asked questions about James's and Mila's relationship.

"So how old is your sister?"

"She's turning twenty-four in three days"

"And when is your birthday ?"

"My birthday was the day before you met me and the day my ex boyfriend broke up with me" cried Victoria. Valentin looked at her full of sympathy and drank his tea in silence. 

 By the time they finished talking about how to clean Victorias red dress it was lunch time. They got dressed and went to a restaurant for lunch.

"God I'm starving" grunted Victoria while waving at the waiter to come get their order. After they ate they went to the park and sat on the swing where they basically met.

"I need to ask you something" began Valentin "So I know I have known you for only four days but I think i fell in love with you and would you like to be my girlfriend, I understand if you don't to" he added. Victoria smiled and blushed a little.

"Yes I do want to be your girlfriend and now that my sister is engaged and probably moving in with James, I was wondering do you want to stay over tonight and tomorrow?" asked Victoria kissing him. Valentin nodded. Mila and James were walking into the park and Mila started shouting "Lovers I think that’s enough love for today, Vic I'm moving in with James in his house, I see that you will be fine without me." Victoria told Mila everything. It was dark when they got back to the apartment so Mila, James and Valentin stayed over.

" I love you" whispered Valentin.

" I love you too" answered Victoria.


The next morning when Victoria woke up she went into her sisters room and her of her stuff was gone. She started crying because she missed her. Valentin heard her and went into the room to find Victoria curled up in a ball on Milas bed cuddling her pillow.

"I have never been so far away from my sister" sobbed Victoria into her boyfriends shoulder.

" I know babe, do you want to go visit her?" asked Valentin. They went to Jamess' house which was half an hour away. When they got there Victoria jump out of the car and knocked on the giant black gate and it automatically opened. Valentin ran after and kissed her on the cheek. Jamess' mother came out and greeted them.

"They will be out in a minute, Mila is just trying on some wedding dresses" spoke Teresa, Jamess' mother.

"Can I go see her?" asked Victoria

"Yes, ask any one you see there to show you where she is" added Teresa

"Let's go Valen- "Oh honey he can stay with me so I can show him around" interrupted Teresa grabbing him by the wrist". Victoria looked at him with a I'm sorry and I love you look. It didn't take her long to find her sister on the other side of the house. She opened the door which made a loud creak and every one looked at her.

"Oh my god Mila you look so beautiful" sobbed Victoria loudly. She cried for a little bit when one of the maids asked Victoria does she want to try on the bridesmaid dress. It was skin tight, knee length, lavender colour with a bow on the shoulder and a few pearls and diamonds scattered around the dress with nude heels. They got dressed into their normal clothes and went outside for lunch.

"Hello Victoria" shouted James catching up to her "Do you and Valentin wanna stay over tonight?" asked James.

"Yeah, sure but I don't have any change of clothes"

"Mila will give you some pyjamas" added James. Victoria nodded and went to sit beside Valentin outside at the table with the whole family. They joked and laughed the whole day.

"I'm really tired, do you mind showing me to my room" Victoria asked one of the maids . She went up to the and found a pair of fluffy slippers and the softest cotton pyjamas ever. Victoria put her head on the pillow and fell asleep immediately.



The next day was bright, sunny, warm and Milas birthday. Victoria went downstairs to find the most beautiful white and pink roses. She went to the kitchen and it was empty, went outside and found no one. She decided to call Valentin but she heard his phone ring in the pocket of his jacket, that was in the room. Victoria got dressed, went downstairs again and made her self some scrambled eggs.

"Where's everyone?" she thought . Victoria went and gave herself a house tour. She walked around the house and kept saying "wow" in her head at things she thought were expensive. Victoria saw flight of stairs, went down them really slow not to make a noise. It was a wine cellar.

"Hey guys, what are you doing?" interrupted Victoria. Everyone looked at her and said good morning Vic.

"Good morning babe we are just trying this one hundred years old wine, try some" giggled Valentin kissing Victoria. She tried some and it was surprisingly delicious.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Mila

"Happy birthday sister, I love you!" burst Victoria

"Thank you Vic" exclaimed Mila. Everyone left the wine cellar, except Victoria and Valentin.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" snapped Victoria.

"You looked so peace full and thought I should let you sleep in" breathed Valentin. Victoria rolled her eyes, whispered "Yeah sure" and stormed out of the cellar leaving Valentin all alone and confused.

The rest of the day was just flowers, presents and wine. Victoria wanted to go home, live with her sister and everything to be normal, but now Mila has a rich fiancé and lives in a house ten times bigger than their apartment. Victoria got lost in the house about twice.

"I want to go home Mila" whispered Victoria in her ear.

"But you will have so much fun with us, you can home tomorrow" shouted Mila. Victoria looked around at everyone but didn't see Valentin. She remembers him seeing him leaving the wine cellar and that’s it.

"Where's my boyfriend?" asked Victoria

"I haven't seen him" answered Mila pulling Victoria and herself out of the kitchen into the empty living room. "What's going on between you two?"

"It's nothing, I think he's upstairs, bye Mila" joked Victoria. She walked up the stairs slowly and saw a boys back in her room, it was Valentin. She slowly opened and closed the door with out him noticing. She whispered in his ear "I'm so sorry baby, I shouldn't have snapped at you". He turned around, grabbed her by her head and kissed her gently. Victoria put on a shiny blue dress, went downstairs holding  Valentins hand to celebrate her sisters birth-day. They partied all night. The DJ accidently put on a slow song, Victoria and Valentin turned to each other, smiled and danced. After the song was over they went upstairs and locked the door. Valentin unzipped Victorias dress and it slipped down her thin, tan and soft body slowly. They got in bed and Valentin laughed "We  have to keep it down".

" Of course" laughed Victoria back. That was a night to remember.



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