A Favor For Death

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If you had something to ask of death what would it be?

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



Pourd forth from the womb

Only to be granted a tomb

Proceeded by feeling of loss

Leads to a grave marking cross

The parents shake and weep

From their child not a peep

Coming into this world still

It seems to be the Reaper's kill

So the parents make a pact

Despite reason or fact

They try to contact Hell

Only to fail at this spell

Yet Azrael answers the call

Knowing why their faith falls

He knows what they ask

But it is a dread task

One practiced in black arts

Azrael has incentive to start

The parents dedicate a shrine

To Azrael's deathly divine

So his skeleton grin

Incants the spell within

The necromancy is unleashed

But their child is now a beast

For the soul is gone

Replaced by the dark before dawn

Now to their horror

There was no way to restore her

This mass of grey

That only wanted to kill and flay

Azrael fullfilled his job

The parents thought he robbed

But he had done his work

Now a grey demon lurks

Undead and profane

A blight and the living's bane

All because of parental grief

Sorrow the innocent thief

The parents can't take the strife

So they take their lives

And the abomination burned

So no more shall be turned

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