to much skill

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic


To much skill

got my mind thinking ill

now you know I will 

kill kill

brain fuck you with a drill

mind fucked still

of the base paste 

dnot take me as waste 

I'm a nut case 

rip of ya face

strangle you my shoe lace

did I mention I'm a nut case

yes I did

now let's retrace

ill let none of this go to waste

i ain't sweet

cut of ya feet

kick a bird when it tweets 

sycronised beats 

writing bars 

while I take my brain to mars

deep scars 

from self inflicted bars 

that my brain found in Mars

now that's a retrace 

so whatch where you place your thought

you don't want get cought 

thinking out of the ordinary is very scary

you know she wasn't a virgin mary

dirtier than the bottom of a handbag

oh skanks 

say thanks 

as I rip of ya pants

now your mumbling 

mind crumbling 


stomach rumbling 

no meaning 

drug fiending 

mind healing

now the past creates your personality

so get back to reality

as I spark a spliff with this mentality

if I keep it in my mind

does that mean I'm kind

now I need sit back and unwind


and start agen

so I pick up the pen or don't test fate

itl chew you up like fish bate


on these rymes

good times

these times make life a lot faster 

but they won't last 

come and go that's the past 

until your driving a hundred that's fast

hulu hullucinating while apinting


on the best trip, creating

a universe 

with a black curse

and nonchurch

now listen 

I'll split to another personality

come back in a whole new reality

on a different galaxy

lose gravity 

and cause agony in ya cavity

now you've got so much anxiety

you can't even see

you can't count to three

your brains buzzing like a bumble bee

Screaming this ain't me

wishing you were an mc like dee


cuz it goes 123

then you view what you see on you could think I'm crap

but I'll have ya girlfriend sat on my lap

as you take a nap

just call it a happy slap

cause she found out when she asked me to measure

this was pleasure



now lets make this t better


thats fine

just give me a line

or a decent ryme 


that'll make a four year old commit a crime 

It's true I'm from before your time

could be same 

Submitted: August 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 deejayb. All rights reserved.

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