The God of Light

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The God of Light...

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



“Goddamn it, Jomei! I thought I’d told you to bring the couple the white roses - not the yellow ones! They don’t go with the lady’s dress at all!”


“Sorry, Auntie!”


“And how many times have I told you - don’t call me ‘Auntie’! You’ll start making me feel old or something. Now, come here.” The young boy walked closer to where the woman was standing, climbing onto her lap when she sat. “I wanna tell you a story.”


His eyes widened. “A story!”


“Yes. And it’s a very special story, so listen close you hear?” He nodded solemnly, looking up in awe. Auntie never told stories. “One day there was a Mommy and a Daddy who were both brave adventurers. They searched in caves, scaled the highest mountain peaks, and even slew a few monsters from time to time. All that shit.

“But one day, they got into a place that they couldn’t escape. No matter how hard they tried, they were stuck in horrible, horrible darkness. They couldn’t see even a foot ahead of themselves and were desperate for anything that could show them the way out, not to mention-”


“Did they die?!” The boy promptly got a smack over the head.


“Hush and let me finish, will ya? The Mommy and Daddy were desperate for anything that could show them the way out, not to mention that they both had very little time left.”


“Why is that, Auntie?”


“Because, Jomei, when you travel so much you eventually get tired. And sometimes you never stop being tired. Now, because it was so, so dark the Mommy and Daddy began to lose hope. They feared that they would never see the sun - or anything else - again. But at that moment when they were about to give up, a little light started blooming in the Mommy’s tummy.”


“Like fire?”


“Yes, like fire. It was warm, and bright, and gave the two comfort. Every night they would both fall asleep trying to hold that light, singing it to sleep even when they had no words to sing.”


“But...could the light hear them? I don’t think that I could hear anything if I was in someone’s tummy.”


“Well, it didn’t matter to them if the little light could hear or not. And slowly, that light began to grow and grow, until the Mommy’s tummy was completely filled. And one day, when the little light was big enough, the Mommy brought it into the world.”


“Not the Daddy?”


“No. He helped, but some things only a Mommy can do.” The boy nodded understandingly, even though he still wasn’t sure what it was he understood. “And when that light came into the world, everything was good again. That light was a little baby boy, who showed the Mommy and Daddy how to reach the sun again, and all three of them climbed out of that cave.”


“And then they lived happily ever after?”


“For a little while, yes. But some things just can’t be fixed by the light. No matter how much everyone tries.” Tears began flowing down the woman’s face, and the little boy wiped them away without a word, letting her carry on. “You see, the Mommy and Daddy just couldn’t get better again after being in that dark dark place. Even with their little light, whom they raised with such love. And, one day, the Mommy and the Daddy just…left.”


“But what about their light? I thought that they loved it! And where did they go?”


“Well, no one really knows where the Mommy and Daddy went. But they were too scared to take their little light with them - they just loved it too much to risk it getting hurt. So, they left their little light with someone else. They left their little light so that maybe someone else would see the sun.”




“Yes, Jomei?”


“Can I be your light?”


The woman kissed him tenderly on the head. “Don’t worry, you already are.”

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