Hollowed Hearts. Shattered Blades.

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Instead of a description, let me set the tone. Pain racked his body, he had never felt pain like this before. Blood rushed around the dark blade protruding from his side as hot waves of
excruciating pain slammed him. He was going to die. He was sure of it. The man searched for a window, the low rumblings from siege engines grow louder. The stone walls were cold and rough, he found
an arrow slit. He couldn't believe what he saw, huge black iron siege towers rumbled closer to the walls, he was high up but he could see the soldiers waiting impatiently to charge from the towers
and slaughter his people. This was truly the end. It had to be. More blood fell from his wound, he was beginning to lose his strength. The man continued up the towers uneven steps, it was getting
harder each and every step he took. When he finally made it to the top, the rain and wind forced him down to his knees like a hammer to a nail. He struggled to the edge of the tower, the rain had
made everything slippery. This rain doesn't seem right, it was too dark. He was dying, his vision blurry. But he concluded that the rain was blood. As his vision darkened he was left only with the
howling wind and screams of war. He died slumped against the tower half wall, the long black blade wobbled in the wind. This is a tid-bit ill get to eventually in the book, you can expect to find
strong characters, action, romance, and to be sure a great story. in the book both you and the characters will discover secrets about Terith and its people, Ferrelin and its people. you may not
like some of the characters either, but to be honest we all meet people we dont like so stick with it. Drop comments, shelve it, like it, i really would like to get all of the support and tips I
can, the more people reading it means the more I can understand my strengths and weaknesses.

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Submitted: August 13, 2018

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