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She walked.

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Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



She walked

The stone cobbled path

Filled with empty questions and an insomnia driven indifference.

The bitter night’s wind bit lips and fingertips numb.

She stopped asking herself why she was walking alone at 3 in the morning, when she remembered the sun’s heat burned her uneasy too.

At least under the moon she could ache in the solace of silence.

At least the colder she became the less she felt.

And if she felt, pins and needles piercing skin, would scrape her mind blank.


But the morning has to come

And so it came.

As light appears as sunrise,

Her bitter bones thaw. Her precious numb melts.

And underneath the rays of dawn

Dull eyes begin to well.

She didn’t cry for pain, nor grief or tribulation.

You see for the first time in a long time,

She felt the warmth of Day without the stinging, panic of its implication.


It doesn't seem like much but

to put it in perspective,

If daytime is the earthy foundation of the lake that holds within its walls depressions holy water and you’ve been baptized in its name everyday for a goddamn lifetime;

You grow fearful of the ground.

Let me put it this way

If Depression is the pit you're standing in and day is the water rising letting you drown in it,

You grow fearful of the water.

And if day is mother nature booming lightning in the sky and depression is the tall willow tree that gets hit and falls on you,

You grow fearful of the lightning, you grow fearful of the sky.

Let me put it this way,

If living your life is day and depression is fucking depression,

You grow fearful of living.


When Anxiety and fear hit and root itself, like a weed, it attaches and takes over,

grows, infests, adapts, camouflaging into its surroundings.

She was fearful of the day.

But something about the dawn on this day, the colors baptized her eyes in something new, clean, something pure, something completely different...


And just for a moment she saw it.

For a moment she remembered

That life could be beautiful too.


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