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The tale of an old gunslinger.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



I'm taken aback
This sudden vile attack
But still I let it ride
Because there is no where to hide
I ease my hand real slow
With just inches to go
Causing a stir so frightning 
Then my hands are like lightning
And the bullets start to fly
Gunslingers all around fall and die
I was almost in the clear too

Too late and he sees me
More bullets fly free

Almost to the clear
I think death is nothing to fear
Then at once it happens and I feel
The flash of something steel

The smoke clears and I'm last to stand
Another day in this new frontier land
This time moved the right way
So I can live another day
Because I didn't want to die
Because it's the innocent angel who dosen't try
And if it's the fool who likes to rush in

And if it's me who will lose or win
Then I'll make my best guess and I won't care why
Just know it's your time to die
C'mon and get me you twist of fate
If you want to talk well then I'll debate
But if you talk with your gun
Your boots will be up by the setting of the sun
Of course time comes when I'm older
And it seems each generation a little bolder
And a new kid hits the street
Looking to see blood pool at his feet
They'll say he's fast 
That an old codger like me will never last
And he says I'm going down
There'll be a nice funeral for me here in town
And though I try to avoid this man
But he seeks from rear and van
Eventually we meet
In the middle of noon in sun's heat
He draws faster than I and knocks me to the ground
My old heart starts to pound 
So I'm lying in the street there
Realizing this fight is very unfair
And the sunlight will get dim
I've got to find a way to him 
The angel of death shall collect his rent
But not before his life is spent
Repent it's time to pray
This will be someone's final day
You only have to lose once
In death you'll be the dunce
But you never always win
Otherwise these fights would be more of a sin
So with a quick reach and pull of trigger
It was more than the young slinger could configure
He fell with a third eye on his head
Hopefully to see his errors better while he is dead
But as I get up and dust myself off
The dirt making my old lungs cough
I can only look at at the pool of mud
Another young life extinguished in the mud
Yet I read about eye for eye in the holy tome
And as I make my way home 
I throw my guns into a hole
No more is my life's goal
And if I should come to realize
That one day I'll find survival not so good a prize
And I'll wish to pass
And see my funeral from above in the desert chapel's mass
But that's what happens when you reach my age
Suddenly time turns your body into a cage
And you will remember how you lived by your guns
Then eat God's bullet when he fires with the sun
Joining all in death's kill
Always a gunslinger earns his way into boothill

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