Coffee Over Flowers

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A man with depression seeking love is desperate to find a woman. A woman his age shows up, but it looks like he might have to fight for her.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



It was a cold, early morning in Portland, Maine. I was sitting inside a warm coffee shop. I took a sip from the exquisit, brown liquid, and let it warm my insides. It would be nice to have somebody to drink it with, yet I didn’t know how to approach a girl.

What if she didn’t like my shirt? What if she doesn’t like the fact I wear glasses? Different pessimistic thoughts ringing in my head make me dizzy. I feel the tingling of the caffeine getting into my bloodstream, but my energy doesn’t prevail. I just feel as tired as I usually did. I was approaching my age twenty-six, and still haven’t found a girl. I looked around the coffee shop, and saw couples sitting at tables, deep in conversation. When people look at me on the outside, they may think I live an extravagant life; I don’t. What they don’t see is what is on the inside. A sad, lonely, weeping soul seeking to be noticed.

The waiter came over to me.

“Do you want anymore coffee?” he asked politely. I looked at him. He looked like was somewhere in his early thirties. I looked at his left hand, and surely I saw the ring on his finger.

I smiled at him, but didn’t say anything. He disappeared behind the ‘Employee Only’ door after filling my mug once again. I looked outside, and I there I saw the most beautiful sight. I didn’t see a girl. I saw the ocean; the waves crashing among the shore. I snapped back into reality as I hear the jingle to the door. A girl entered through the door. She sat down at one of the tables, and the waiter came out with a mug of coffee. I got up and walked over to her, hesitant. As I was walking over to her, another guy sat down across the table from her.

I tread back to the table I was sitting at, melancholy.  About fifteen minutes later, I see them walk out. I decided to leave the coffee shop as well. I pulled open the door, the brisk Maine wind blowing against my cheeks, making my eyes water. I couldn’t tell if my eyes were watering because of the wind, or because of my pathetic life. I couldn’t help the negative thoughts, due to my diagnosis of depression. I walked into a 7-Eleven, and grabbed two Honey-Buns. Down the aisle, I see the guy in the girl in from the coffee shop getting chocolate croissants. Distracted, I knock down a whole stash of Tic-Tacs. The girl looks my way, and smiles. I watch them pay and leave, talking as the disappear from sight.

Later that day, I took a walk in a park. After looking at beautiful wildflowers, I noticed a girl struggling to get water from the water fountain. I stride over to her, and helped. I turned the knob really hard, and the water shot all onto the girl.

“I’m so sorry.” I couldn’t help smiling.

The girl glared at me. “Jerk.” And then she walked away.

Bad timing, the same man and woman walk around the corner. The woman once again looked my way, and smiled again. I watched them turn the corner of the bushes and disappear. I muttered under my breath, and continued walking.

It was approaching sunset, and I was sitting down at the pier. The sun was a radiant, flame orange. I heard footsteps behind me. I looked back, and I saw the woman, but without the man.

“Can I sit down?” she asked politely.

“Sure,” I replied. As she sat down, there was a few moments of silence. I broke it, obviously. “Where is the guy you were with?”

The woman gave me a surprised look. “Oh, him? He’s just a friend of mine.”

“I know this is kind of sudden, but I saw you at the coffee shop this morning. I didn’t get the chance to ask you. Will you like to meet up here tomorrow morning?”

The woman’s eyes lit up. “Of course. What time?”

“Nine o’clock?”


I got up and started walking away. But I paused to ask her an important question.

“Would you prefer coffee over flowers?”


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