Child's Life on a Goldfield

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Do you want to know what is a life of a child on a goldfield? Read This and find out about a painful life of a child on a goldfield.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



A Child’s life

Day 5, August 3rd 1854.


G’evening again journal, I just got back from the goldfield and I’m extremely tired from standing up and carrying wheelbarrows around and doing heaps of chores. I’m also lucky I ‘ave enough enough strength to write in this.


Ma and pa were also really busy today, doing their own work like cleaning the stables, mining for gold and trying to dig out enough money to pay for schooling for me, Isac and Jolene, and then for the house that I couldn’t believe we could afford, and then my papa’s mining licence! (They’re really expensive, 8 pounds a month!)


I had to also look after my younger siblings as I was the oldest, and my parents were very busy with other things. Back ‘n England we were ‘ery wealthy and we ‘ad two very nice (and beautiful) maids and two butlers (Ironically called Ben & Jerry), we also ‘ad a dog, he was my best pal back then. We used to have everything, but not anymore once we got ‘ere.

The rozzers (The police/cops) heard that my father was a wealthy man working in the goldfields, they stripped ‘im bare and once he came back we were suddenly evicted from our old house and into a crappy, outrunned house. Pa was gutted (miserable) once we lost all our fortune and Ma was not ‘appy about the Rozzers at all.


Even though School was tough as they would give me a stack of homework, I would still be appreciative of it. I don’t ‘eally want to end up like Ronald’s younger brother who couldn’t read, go down the wrong path. I literally mean it though! Ronald’s younger brother couldn’t read, and he had no clue what the sign had said. (it was actually an “keep out, danger” sign) ‘e then rode off a cliff and nobody had found ‘is body (yet).


Poor Ronald still blames himself and I think ‘e has lost ‘is marbles.

Oh! Which reminds me, I made some new friends ‘en the mine recently John, Diane, Eden, and Ronald. We would sometimes ‘eet up at the quarry after School before my do my chores.

John the nuthead, and the most sweetest and most poor soul of our group, would usually hesitate before jumping into the water, his hands would be sore from them being smacked and ‘e would also moan about the red lashes on ‘s pale back from the rope.


John is also the oldest of his family, meaning he would get punished for being disobedient and not following the gatters orders properly (boss). We would sometimes spend our pocket money buying sweets or bandages for ‘im.

Diane would usually buy the bandages as they were really expensive, and she knew the person working at the small pharmacy, and sometimes we would chat with the children who worked there.


Lots of people would also buy children from local orphanage to do errands for them or look after the shop, John also had a job at one of the restaurants where wealthy women and men would come after buying their gold off of miners in the evening, mostly though John would be seen tripping over the men or womens feet (whom they put out purposefully to trip him over) or falling asleep in the chef’s kitchen. Another reason why he’s found with cuts and bruises along his arms and back.


Poor John, I really wish they could stop treatin’ us like slaves, ‘ids have rights you know? They expect us to do everything for ‘em, they don’t ever listen! That’s why I don’t like adults’, they say they know everythin’. They say they can remember important stuff, events, and even days!

Well, I guess they are all wrong. It’s my birthday, or was. Noone even said Happy Birthday to me, not even my parents! I wish we never came to Australia, it sucks.

I’m going to finish it here, I’m so tired.


  • Signing out, Bobart.

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