Your Help in This Rain

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We have come together for one right touch. This support ask your assistance. To make a gift that may share peace everywhere. Let these days step out for this cause we are aware. :)

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



When life challenges us,

And more we feel its imbalance,

The song long lost becomes its rhythm,

Some support we may receive,

Ask God from a hearts request,

When your people need this assistance,

Please dont decline this grant,

When many wishes our fortune meets these lifelines,

Ask creation from a souls gestures,

Born within our choices is a meaning of each existence here,

We struggle to meet its ends,

Unless there is hope we seek your direction,

May obstacles measure our effort for this grown up treasure,

In everything today I see a drawing from faith,

This art comments we may bringup a refreshed wealth,

May we never quarrel for the gift God send us as HIS angels,

Our effort always review some resentment,

These pursuit of happiness trade with a part now time may bred a endline,

However for this small being with a big-legacy,

Our burden is when we dont stop watching the unobtainable priorities,

Our realities hunt a sale in the hands of fate,

Being simmering with disgruntlement in the hinterland,

Our various problems arise how we feed this glitter of unavailability,

In our heart the destiny follows some alterations,

Where everything has no holiday for safety,

I hope God agrees today we must be in safe hands of Mother Earth,

Some destination gain our freedom,

Lend a posting in faith for the deprived massess,

Our foodchain cannot be facing the oneset of such crisis,

When answers make a difference for the cost we suffer,

I ask God who has given us every fortune,

Through the distant due we examine faith in unity,

Today we are halted how we will face it,

A poor may lose their present dream,

When the rich faces downtrodden deprived disburts,

Our figures may inherit a denial if,

God who make our accessible sources,

To give life as a form of sacret blessings,

Missing our stay in this wind,

I pray for omitting a new undivision in peace,

When we are dispassionate mixed up on what we can do next,

One voice of creation may count on a time without corruption, errors and delays;

Implicitly I admit we are born here creating a system with this understandings,

A need our workers create this transparent investment,

Ask unprecedent possibilities for every conscious effort we welcome,

These trials of life pave a welfare we are capable now,

What happened may often inspire us for solving problems of governance,

Where our leaders state this administration as a lifeline,

For an experience I may claim this beginning,

Let us arise for this strong reason never missing any star,

Who may end-to-end support our initiative,

May our account well-thought-out be the stories around our realities here.


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