Following the Rainbow

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It turns out, you can't not love the invincible rainbow.

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



Colt paused on the lip of the General Trade building, waiting for a clear shot. It’s funny; in this day you wouldn’t think that mercenaries were a real thing anymore. But if you hung around the right sort of people, eventually a job would come your way, usually courtesy of politicians. Another funny thing about being a modern “mercenary”: you didn’t always have to kill. Actually, most times the job was simply to rough them up a bit. Gather some info that would convince them not to run for office. Steal something no one outside their family was supposed to know was valuable. Shoot them in the leg if they planned to surprise the public by showing up at a community marathon the next day. Simple but effective scare tactics.

This was why Colt’s fingers were leaving sweaty imprints on the trigger of his gun. Because tonight, instead of the usual job of simple intimidation, he had to kill. It wasn’t like he’d never done it before...just not in a long time - which was idiotic to say really since he was barely past his twenties. Still a “kid” by most standards. And the fact that his target was a couple months younger did not help matters… Now all he really wished for was that the guy would finish shopping and come out of the store so he could shoot him already. The more time Colt spent thinking, the more likely he was to ditch the job. He had gotten a little over half of the pay up-front for accepting, and that had gone to helping his dad. The rest wouldn’t come until he had made the shot, and that cash would look good with the rest he had saved up in his vault.

“Come on, come on. How much time does to take to get a few things? What are you, gay?” Yes. Yes he was. There was no doubt about it as the guy walked out of the store, sporting five large bags of god-knows-what that explained why he had been in there for over an hour. His hair was floppy, soft brown with both lighter and darker streaks that wouldn’t look out of place in a professional salon. Tight black jeans showed off his ass, distressed perfectly with chains hanging from the loopholes. And contrasting the jeans was a loose pink striped shirt, also distressed, that slipped off his narrow shoulders. Finished off with gray high-tops converse and a matching beanie, Colt suddenly knew why his employer had nicknamed the job Chasing the Rainbow. 

And a chase it suddenly turned into as, half an hour later, Colt was dashing over rooftops and through alleyways trying to keep up with Little Rainbow on the crowded Boston streets. This guy isn’t even five-foot-six. So how the hell is he moving so fast? I’m a few inches over six foot and even I can’t keep up! Taking a rest, Colt groaned as he slumped against the wall of a Macy’s department store building. There was a bench nearby, but…whatever. Cold concrete fit the mood better. “Fuck it. I can’t catch this guy. I give up!”

“Mmm, trimmed black hair with a little floof, black bandanna, long beige cargo pants, fitted white and navy blue tight shirt, plenty of necklaces and bracelets…not to mention the combat boots and that build. Ooh, the face is good too. Brooding but I bet there’s a good smile. Yup! I was right. I did get a cute one eventually!”

“The fuck?” Why the hell was someone just randomly reading out his appearance? Colt looked up to see looking over him…”Little Rainbow?”

His head tilted to the side quizzically. “Hmm? You know I never did hear anyone call me that before. Usually it’s something like kid or little bitch. You know, I think I like you!”

“Wait a second…”

“Yes?” The word was drawn out playfully.

“Don’t tell me…this isn’t the first time a killer’s been sent after you, is it?”


“Why do you sound so cheerful?” He did. To any passing by it would seem as if the two of them were discussing weekend plans or something. Not attempted manslaughter.

“Because. Apparently I’m pretty hard to kill.”


Rainbow rocked back on his heels and looked up at the sky. “I mean, at first I was pretty shaken up. I even started hiding out in my house and refusing to do anything outside of it. I had to go out every now and then, though - groceries and going to classes and all that. During that time I would be scared shitless and even considered moving out of the city. But the hired guns just kept coming and coming and every last one gave up at the end of the day. After a while I realized two things. One: for what ever reason, I have a serious knack for survival. Two: downtown Boston is a really shitty place to try and kill someone.”

Colt just chuckled. Some stories were too weird to have been made up. “Okay then. I’ll believe you. So, who do you think is hiring all these mercs?”

Rainbow just shrugged. “I dunno. But does it really matter? I’m pretty sure you guys don’t come cheap, so he’s gonna run out of funds to keep trying eventually. Either that or he’ll just get tired and give up.”

“You know, I really don’t like the thought of a bunch of people still being sent after you. It doesn’t seem right.” Rainbow just shrugged, but after a moment a wicked grin came over his face and he sat down on Colt’s outstretched legs, placing his hands on Colt’s thighs and leaning forward conspiratorially.

“Well,” like before, the word was stretched out playfully, “you know you could always switch sides.”

Tired of being so serious, Colt decided he would play along, and leaned forward so that he and Rainbow’s noses were almost touching. “What kind of side am I switching to?”

Again that mischievous grin. “My side. Because you know, who better than a merc to keep the rest away?”

“Oh? So what is this, a partnership?”

“Mmm, of a sort. Having people chase you and leave right after gets pretty lonely. I want someone who’ll stay.”

“And will I get compensation?”

Rainbow put a finger to Colt’s lips, and leaned in so that was the only thing separating them. “Plenty.”

My name must be Rainbow,too because there’s no way that I’m gonna leave this guy alone. Rainbow took his finger away, and Colt whispered into his ear, “Well it looks like I’m all yours then, Rainbow.”

The guy stood up slowly, the evening sun putting red into his hair. He extended a hand to Colt and simply said, “You can start by calling me Gwen.”

Colt took his hand, and they stood like that side-by-side. “And you can call me Colt.”

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